Creative Jewelry Displays?

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on Sep 22, 2011 8:11 PM

Suprisingly I actually found a Marketplace where they have spaces for rent at unbelievable prices,And Im working on getting set up there to get exposure for my jewelry. I have been looking at Jewelry display pieces and the shipping is either too high or the Jewelry displays are expensive...therefore,im looking too see if any of the creative minds here have any tips for creating Jewelry displays out of household items?


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megabgirl wrote
on Sep 23, 2011 9:12 AM

I bought one of those swirly metal wall ornaments from World Market to use for hanging earrings off of at my last craft fair. All of the loops and swirls made lots of places to put different pairs, and it was very eye-attracting! I would recommend checking out your local goodwill, etc, for possible pieces of wall decor, shelving, etc, that may also be used for displaying jewelry. i gout a fabric in-laid basket to stick my headbands all around the edges and inside of for people to look through, and that worked out great.

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on Sep 23, 2011 10:12 AM

I have used vases (the kind with a narrower neck and wider bottom half ) to display necklaces.

The other day I saw a fiberfill stuffed tube of fabric  covered with bracelets. It was a nice linen or linen look fabric.

A also saw a booth where a lady use ribbon strung across the booth walls to hold earrings. The earrings were on cards with the plastic thing on the back like you see in stores. I imagine though that you could make earring cards that fold (make the back longer than the front so the weight of the earrings doesn't pull the card off).

I agree that a swirly wall thing would be good for earrings IF you have a "wall" to hang it on or some other way to support it.

Coffee mug "trees"

Picture frames with screens (for earrings)

Drawer pulls/old door knobs attached to painted plywood for necklaces and or bracelets

Umm.....that's all I have for now :-)

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Ricki Ayer wrote
on Sep 23, 2011 10:30 AM

All of the suggestions so far are great and I have used several of them.  Another suggestion for a bracelet "ramp" is a partial roll of paper towels covered by a piece of cloth.  The picture frame with screening or a piece of plastic needlepoint material for earrings.  I have also used those multi armed stand up Christmas ornament stands for necklaces & bracelets.  To add some height to your booth,  a couple of tricks I use is 2 or 3 of the large boxes of Kleenx covered by a piece of cloth matching my table cover that I stand some of my smaller necklace easels on and I also use 2 reams of copy paper, again covered in cloth to put other display pieces on.  


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SCB1 wrote
on Sep 23, 2011 2:00 PM

Angela, Here is a site I found for you that shows how to make your own displays for necklaces. In this  one you will find the templet at the bottom of the pace under Resources. click on it and it will come up in another window.

Happy beading

Happy Beading!!


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wmweeza wrote
on Sep 24, 2011 12:51 AM

Look at my site, specifically this page:


That white velvet bust? I made it using a carboard box, spray adhesive, velvet fabric and a shoelace. Not kidding. I needed a display bust that was life size and all the busts I found were child size at the largest.

I made it bigger to fit my needs, but it was quick and easy! Now i just need to make more!


Here's another one I found



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kareng915 wrote
on Sep 26, 2011 10:36 AM

I  made a triangle frame from some wood scrapes (2x2 and 1x1 pieces), covered that on two sides with heavy cardboard from some old box, then coved that with a piece of dark brown fabric (remnant picked up in the clearance bin for $2).  The whole thing looks like a giant triangle tube, but works great.  I can drape bracelets and necklaces over the top, using a push pin on the back side of the triangle easily holds them in place.  I've also cut squares out of card stock in a variey ,  of colors for earrings, then a clear push pin allows you to tack it to the front side of the triangle. 

I also covered a heavy paper shipping tube with the same fabric.  I then put a row of the push pins around the top, and another row about 1/2 way down.  I stand this on a lazy susan and you get a 360' display that the customers can easily turn.  It gets them in closer to the table to do that as well!

Not a great pic.. but you can see how it was set up for a greyhound fundraiser I was recently at.

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beadinstyle wrote
on Sep 26, 2011 5:17 PM

I have found that sometimes it helps to go back one step, and work out what you want to display then the how follows. Having a theme or themes makes for a good display ... it is often Earrings here, Bracelets here and Necklaces here ... okay. But you might like to try ...

red here, green here, blue here, or

bling here, leather there, or pearls there (look lovely draped with the cliched shells, but its romantic!)

specials here, Very Special ("I spent days on this") there.

Grouping or clustering around a theme (don't let that word frighten you!) makes for a more effective display. And this will naturally change the items you use to support your display. Even if it is only coloured fabric, covering support things that need not be seen.

I find that planning displays like this actually makes the support decisions easier. If you want to put your jewellery on cards ... IMO, some of the most attractive cards are handwritten / designed ones simple and firm, in colour and style to set off your jewellery designs.

Good luck and have fun!



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Evalie wrote
on Sep 27, 2011 7:15 PM

Another really handy display item I've found is the wire candle holders that you can find in the department stores...usually for outdoors. I keep my eye on the clearance sections and have never spent more than $7 on one. Here's two of the ones I've found so far.....


I'm planning on putting seasonal candles and flowers in this one and hanging earrings on the mesh exterior.

This one I've used to keep all my swap jewelry in one place. I often look at all the beautiful pieces that I've received from my beady friends.....and think of all the fun we've had !

I actually stood a wooden hand in the middle of this one to hang the bracelets and rings on.


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KristieJ3 wrote
on Sep 29, 2011 6:13 PM

Bed, Bath & Beyond have a lot of their jewelry displays on sale right now as well. They have a ton of really cute stuff that they had for their 'dorm room' 'back to school' stuff. My grandmother surprised me one day with a huge bag full, lol. The flowers were marked down and when she went back the next week they were marked down even more ($7.50!)
Also, even though it's getting cold out, garage sales are great at finding jewelry displays for cheap. And flea markets are really great as well!

Here's a pic of the 'flowers' that Bed, Bath & Beyond have:

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ShoshanaCB wrote
on Sep 30, 2011 12:43 PM

When I was doing alot of craft sales around Canada, I also had a difficult time with display. I ended up creating a board made of plywood- kind of like what kids use at a science fair! Then I painted it with chalkboard paint and was able to display my wares while changing up the signage alot! check out a pic-

Shoshana Coodin



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on Oct 3, 2011 5:16 PM

Thanks so very much! All those tips and refrences were very helpful. Big Smile

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Emma.J wrote
on Oct 3, 2011 8:58 PM

You could also (and someone might have already suggested this, I'm not sure...)

Buy a painting canvas, the wooden frame with the canvas over the top, and get some pretty velvet material and cover the canvas with the velvet and you can have like a pin board. Pop a pin through the clasp of a bracelet of around the rope of a necklace to hold it in place. The pins will easily go through the canvas and you can add a piece on wood on a hinge to the top of the back of the board to make it sit up.

Just a suggestion... Big Smile



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megabgirl wrote
on Oct 7, 2011 12:00 PM

There are so many great ideas here!

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