Coincidence or ??

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Valbeads wrote
on Nov 12, 2012 4:06 AM

Awesome!!!  Can't wait; it'll cheer me up as I've been really sick again.  It's been a year now; this is getting boring!

Yeah, I have to take a break for awhile after I've done wire wrapping.  Its loads of fun, but boy! do my fingers get sore! 

I'm designing jeweled headbands for my younger nieces for Christmas this year.  The cupcake pendant was such a big hit with Sophie!  Can't believe she's 4!  I was walking through the little girls department at Kohl's the other day andd got really depressed.  They had all these cute little outfits, buy I have no little girls to shop for any more.  They're all growing up way too fast!Crying




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on Aug 26, 2013 11:50 AM

I hear ya. My jewelry magazine collection has Gold, silver, Swarovkis, lampworked and everything else! Most of the time, no one in Australia stocks what is seen in the American magazines. Or they only have very limited stock, its expensive, or its sold out! And by the time it comes back into the shop, I've gone and made something else that doesn't involve those components.

I wish we had more variety like in USA. It is kinda sad though. All the magazines and books say to use top quality materials like gold filled and such, but as a beginner myself, I find it off-putting when someone says, I should have used gold and silver and Swarovski crystals. There are alternatives out there, that do have the same sparkle as a Swarovski crystal but with half the price tag.

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