Weird Question of the day for Ladies

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Sheila H wrote
on Jun 6, 2011 8:36 AM

Okay, this is a weird question for you ladies out there that wear skirts. I have been working on some other things to go into my artfire studio which I have yet to really get going. So I am setting myself a goal to get some other things made and get them listed. 

I enjoy making simple things that I can do in an afternoon and I am thinking that some cute simple skirts maybe the thing. I am going to make a couple for my niece to try out. The way that I am thinking of making them, they would be reversible if someone wanted to. I am thinking cute summer printout as the outer fabric, but since some of the cotton prints are so thin, lining it with a coordinated solid fabric. The way that I am finishing it ( with either elasitc or drawstring waist ) it could be reversible. 

So my question to those of you that wear skirts, would it being reversible be a big deal? Would that be a selling point for you? Would you prefer elastic waist or drawstring? 

I also have a thought for a wrap skirt but it would have a drawstring tie but it would have to tie in the back? Would that be a deal breaker? What is a price point for you to buy your skirts? For the materials I am thinking I will be in a $15-$20 price range so that would probably put the skirt near $30 to $40. Is that too much? 

Thanks for any feedback!

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Chibabies6 wrote
on Jun 8, 2011 7:48 AM

Hello!  I think it's a great idea!  I would prefer drawstring as it's more adjustable and comfortable than elastic.  I actually have a reversible dress that I really like.. the way it is done is with a sheer fabric that is longer than a heavier fabric.  So the heavier one works as a liner for the sheer or when reversed the sheer peeps out a couple of inches for a nice flirty edge to the shirt.  very cute.  Tying in the back would be a problem for .. a nice attractive tie string would be good though.. Also the only thing I would be very wary of is anything where both pieces are sewn completely together including the bottom edge bc if they fabrics draw up differently after washing the piece than hangs funny.  the price sounds great to me too.

Michelle K.

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Sheila H wrote
on Jun 8, 2011 12:00 PM

Michelle - Thanks for the info! I was concerned about the edge as well. That is why I was thinking maybe same material ( 100% cotton ) etc. I would prewash all the fabric as well so hopefully that would prevent any issues. Great idea about the sheer.... had not thought of that! 

I am hoping to maybe work on some projects this weekend. I will update you if I get anything accomplished. 

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NicoleT24 wrote
on Jun 8, 2011 11:00 PM

I thought I'd throw in my two cents!

I'd likely wear a reversable skirt in summer if it was light enough! My ideal would be for it to be wrap around, with a hook and eye closure or button closure (small since it would have to be on both sides) and tie at the hip. I wear a lot of wrap around skirts and really like them, but the best of them do have a little snap (not my fave), hook and eye, or button. It just helps keep everything in place. The hook or button isn't for fit really, it's more to keep it in place should it come untied (which I've had happen!) then it doesn't fall on the floor to your ankles exposing your drawers to the world, but will instead be caught by your hips if you're lucky! LOL.

 In fact, it would be fun to leave the two layers separated at the bottom like layers, just as suggested above with one fabric sheer, and the other a linen or something. Then edge one with lace, another with ribbon... or something to that affect. Of course, that would inch the price up, but if done right, that might be ok! :)


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Sheila H wrote
on Jun 9, 2011 6:14 AM

Nicole - Thanks for your thoughts! I had wondered about a button but then I was afraid that that would have to be more specific to each person's size. I guess if I am doing a size 14 then I would put it at that location. Using a small button was my first choice and not even mess with a tie. But I was thinking that a drawstring/tie would make it a little more versatile to fit more people. But that may not be the way to go. My original thought was button holes on each end and buttons on both sides of the fabric to go into the button holes so that it fastens on each edge of the wrap. 

Great ideas! Thanks!

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KipperCat wrote
on Jun 12, 2011 4:42 PM


I hope this does well for you.  I rarely wear skirts now, but used to.  In the past I the size of my waistline fluctuated frequently. I had a couple of wrap-around skirts that were very easy to maintain at a good fit - just by moving that button. 


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