Applying to teach at Bead Fest Shows

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on Jul 17, 2008 5:37 AM

Has anyone else here applied to teach at the Bead Fest shows?  I've been applying (unsuccessfully) for a few years now, and my frustration level is rising.  Sad  I asked for some feedback as to why my applications were being rejected, but all they could give me were the criteria by which they rank the applications.

Anybody else have some suggestions?  I'm not sure if my images are not good enough, or my kit prices are too high or what.  I am confident that my designs are good (because they've been good enough to get published in Beadwork!), but I don't know what else is nixing my applications. 

One thing I know is working against me is that I don't have a lot of experience teaching at big conventions.  I have taught privately for about five years now, and have been very successful at that. 

Idea  Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!



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Jaclyn@4 wrote
on Jul 17, 2008 12:48 PM


One big reason projects aren't chosen is because the photographs that are submitted are so poor that the selection committee can't see the detail or what the piece really looks like. If that's the case, then perspective students won't be able to see it either, and consequently won't choose to sign up for that class.


The selection process is a puzzle to put together by show management. There has to be a balance of different types of medium (seed beads, metal clay, polymer, stringing, wire, etc.) plus different skill levels for these mediums.


Some venues have very limited space for classes and often times teachers need to be able to teach several classes in order to make the trip financially worthwhile.


Taking all of this into consideration, a decision not to accept a teacher's proposals does not necessarily mean that their project was not good - there just might not have been room for it at that event. We had over 475 proposals sent in for Santa Fe, and have about 90 class spots. We had to turn down many good projects, just due to space.


Please keep submitting your proposals to all of the magazines though! Just make sure that your photographs are professionally taken in order for the selection committee to see all of the details!

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