Bead Star 2011 Submissions to close Friday, 5pm Eastern time!

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Cat_P wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 12:17 PM


I really hope they take the vote count off too.  As someone with 2 necklaces in the contest with one vote each (and yes, I did vote for myself) it is a little embarrassing.  I got to say though - the pieces in my catagories were all really great and I probably wouldn't have voted for my own if it wasn't my own. 

It made it to finals didn't it? That should make you proud! Yours was chosen out of many to be there and that's an accomplishment itself!

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on Apr 26, 2011 12:29 PM
I agree. take vote count off .I like many pieces and I vote for all of them. this is my first time on this blog and I am sure is not going to be the last. all of yo u Ladies are sooooooo talented I and I wish I can do the work all of you do. My jewerly making is very simple and so far I use only pearls.well that is it for now. I born in another country and write in inglish is not my forte.see you later......
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CathMarissa wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 2:11 PM

I think any contest {even if open to only a certain group} has the potential to be a popularity contest.  In this case, it could become a popular in the beading community contest.  I'm not saying it will, but just another way to look at it.  I'm kinda like Erin.  I have probably 5 family members & friends that would actually come over and vote if it was open to the public, so not enough to sway my votes much (but I can see how someone with a big Twitter/Facebook following could really change the voting). ;)

Also, this is my 3rd year in the contest.  The first year, I had two pieces in the finals and mentioned it on my blog - - I didn't place.  Last year, I made it in the finals and didn't mention the contest at all- - then did place.  Kinda funny how that turned out.

I'm going to try not to check the vote tally again - - my ego is a little bruised. ;)

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DebWAZ wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 2:52 PM


Did anyone else notice that last year it was the same people throughout the  magazine.  There was great stuff last year that won but seems kinda like it could have been a popularity contest like you have been discussing when anyone could vote.  It will be interesting to see if it happens again!

I noticed that also. I understand why a person would enter in as many categories as possible, but I really don't like seeing the same person winning in several categories. I know it would make it difficult for Interweave staff to decide which one to put in the finals when the same person's entries show up in several categories. Maybe the designer could be contacted to decide which one should make the cut. It would open the competition a little to others who had good pieces as well.

I've gotten a few e-mails and notices on FB from various finalists with pictures of their items, asking for votes. This is a real turn off for me - more like a personality contest, rather than truly judging the designs for themselves. I plan to vote for the designs that appeal to me. I wouldn't mind if finalists posted "I made it into BeadStar finals", but don't post a picture or the name of your piece.

I also think that the vote count should be removed, again because of the popularity contest aspect. I think most people are basically honest, but if the piece you like has 25 votes and another has 2500 votes, some people aren't going to want to "waste" their vote on the "loser".

Anyway, that's my opinion.









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on Apr 26, 2011 2:53 PM

I agree with everything said,especially about seeing how many votes each entry has,not very fair.

I just posted on the Beading Daily forum too. I also had a really hard time navigating the contest and I no where did I see "done". I hope my votes counted as I'm in 2 of the categories and my niece is in 2!

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jbogner2 wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 3:10 PM

I mean they should have a link to voting on the beadstar website so people can find where to vote

Thanks for the suggestion Erin. We've updated to include that link.


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on Apr 26, 2011 3:44 PM

"I like to think that the "solicited" votes don't make a significant difference in the outcome--they probably end up balancing each other out for the most part."

I like the way Erin worded this comment, it probably does balance out in the end.

I don't have a huge email list, but do have friends and family that when I tell them what I am doing they ask - How'd you do that? Well this is a way to bring them along for the ride. Maybe they'll find something interesting on the site and pick up a new skill, or just be peeved that I interrupted their day. Either way it's OK.

I am happy that one of my items made it into the contest. And if my piece doesn't make in into the magazine - I'll enter something next year.

Congratulations to everyone who pieces were picked :)

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CathMarissa wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 4:51 PM

"I like to think that the "solicited" votes don't make a significant difference in the outcome--they probably end up balancing each other out for the most part."

I like the way Erin worded this comment, it probably does balance out in the end.

I think that solicited votes have the potential to make a significant outcome in a vote based competition.  Let's say I have a blog where I post jewelry tutorials for jewelrymakers (many of whom belong to this community).  I have a following of 1,000.  I post photos of my pieces and ask for votes.  Even if only 20% of my readers vote, that's still 200 votes which is pretty significant.  Or if I have 2,000 Facebook fans and I post about this contest once a week until it ends - - that has the potential to put my possibly mediocre piece in the top five.  Just because others may be doing the same and we balance each other out, we may still not really be Bead Stars.

All examples - - I don't have a Facebook fanpage and my blog has 100 followers (and I'm not posting the contest at all).


I think it might be interesting in the future (especially if vote tallies are public knowledge) if the Beading Daily community picks the top ten and then the editors pick the top 4. 

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mjanders wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 5:15 PM

I have to say I agree with what a lot of others are saying here. I REALLY don't think vote tallies should be visible, and I also think solicited votes DO make a difference. At least it seems to me like there is evidence of that already; things may change over time.  It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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on Apr 26, 2011 5:29 PM

I think you should embrace that fact that you got in!!! I am sure there are a lot of people that are sad they did not I submitted 7 entrees and only one did get in but I think that too is not a rejection or a statement that the work is bad but that is dose not fulfill all of the criteria I love this competition because you do have to take into account quite a few factors when making your piece for the contest and aim to fufill is so much harder then you would think!!! 

 it helps to really think about what the editors are thinking about when shifting through thousands of entrees

I like to think about it this way

Dose the work have technique that is too difficult?

  Would it be to complicated to write clear instructions that are short enough and yet that a reader will not be completely mystified by

Is the work something that has something to teach a new use or approach to a basic technique that has not been seen before? When I look at the entrees I will see one and think wow I have not seen that done before   I could use that in something I am making

Are the materials in the work assessable to those that might want to recreate the work ( fire mountains contest makes you use there product to enter)

There is also the factor of the photography and that too affects getting in wrong DPI to dark badly photo shopped I am amazed my one piece got in because I was having such problems with my camera and it is not a the best shot in the category but it is doing ok


 It is good to keep in mind that this is not just a contest but this is a manual for a very specific reader ship they are selling a magazine that they want to inspire people to read people that are a different skill levels (I always find it interesting to have my students look at bead star and see at their different levels what their responses are) bead star is sold on news stands and stores like Joann’s they are trying to draw buyers


Bead star can also be looked at from the point of publicity and drawing new readership new members it is good to build the e mail list for selling the subscriptions  

 it is hard that the votes are now visible but it dose make readers and voters tune in more it to see the out come and that is good business and it might increase sales of the bead star publications it is amazing that they can come up with the prizes since we do not have an entrance fee that would help with that burden

 ( I do think when you learn to navigate you can now see the work so much better then in the other set up you can take time to make your votes and come back an finish it dose not all have to be done at ones to submit the old format was a drag that way)  

Making the vote’s visible dose have some interesting factors we see what is getting votes it is not just the editors picking the pieces not that I don’t trust they are based on the vote but it is a factor that you vote and then nothing for months now that you do see the votes it dose create suspense makes you want to watch and see who is ahead in each category and they have set up the links so that it is easy to sort that and see over all and per category order of who is ahead it is quite cleaver and I know I am rooting for the work I voted for I feel sad that some things slip behind.

 I am still not clear what the policy is about encouraging people to vote for your work the first year I entered it was clear that people where out there networking there is a lot of members and a good deal of time till the voting ends it will be exciting to see what happens I think every one who is in the 160 are winners just submitting to the contest makes you a winner! It is a challenging thing to do.

 in the end the grand prize goes to just one person and that person is picked out of the 8 winners by the magazine


 " the future belongs to those who belives in the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt


"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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Erin@76 wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 6:01 PM

I think it might be interesting in the future (especially if vote tallies are public knowledge) if the Beading Daily community picks the top ten and then the editors pick the top 4.

This is an interesting idea. I kinda like it.

Another comment on "solicited" votes--although I agree, it does have the potential to change the outcome of the contest, its hard to tell how much. I am not going to drop names here, but last year a very high-profile designer had 5 or 6 pieces in the finals. This designer has almost 800 facebook friends, and posted all the designs on their blog (which has nearly 700 followers) and asked for votes. The outcome was that this person won 3rd place in 1 category. Hardly a landslide victory.

Just sayin'...

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on Apr 26, 2011 6:54 PM

I agree that  the winners should be chosen by the staff of the magazine and Beading daily. I don't know of any  beading contest that is not by public vote. (maybe Bead and Button)

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abney_m wrote
on Apr 26, 2011 9:55 PM

I must say I have been a little disheartened to read some of the comments about the competition. In particular those made about the popularity vote. I see nothing wrong with an artist tooting their own horn and announcing that their piece made it into the Bead Star vote. You have to keep in mind that regardless of who they are or how much experience they have beading, they still have to play by the rules of the competition, and they put just as much work and effort behind their piece as any artist who had entered the competition.

Speaking from personal experience, I was THRILLED last year when I made it into the vote and also in the magazine. And yes, I did appear in the magazine twice, but I am proud of both of those pieces. They were pieces that I worked and re-worked and really put my time and energy and focus into until I had them looking exactly the way I had envisioned. (Not too mention the 15 photos that I took of each piece!) My metals piece from last year was WAY outside of my comfort zone and I had never really worked with wire before, but I had an idea and I worked and re-worked it until it was exactly the way that I wanted it to look.

I can guarantee you that every artist represented in the vote has done the same, and not winning is nothing to be ashamed of. Sure, I was bummed when I got the e-mail, opened it and didn't see a "1st", but it was an honor just to be in the same category with the Grand Prize winning entry and I'm proud of my piece. It is the piece that I wanted to enter and this year when I started thinking about entering, I was inspired by Erin's winning entry last year to push myself to create something on a larger scale and so I created a full necklace for both of my entries instead of a bracelet. They took me hours to create, but I've been wearing them ever since. They represent my asthetic and one of them was created as a personal reminder to myself to wear around my neck.

I don't think that the people who follow blogs will necessarily vote directly for the person whose blog they follow. I think that bead artists tend to appreciate the work first and the artist second. (Most of the time it is the artist's work that brings you to their blog). It's great for me to see who entered and good luck to my bead buddies that have, but I'm going to look at each entry and choose the ones that most speak to me. (And yes, I do agree that it was more exciting last year when the votes were private) But, I agree that friends and family are not like this, they will vote for their family because it's their family, but bravo to Interweave for removing that aspect of the competition by making it Beading Daily members only. It ensures that the people who are voting have the ability to look at a piece and appreciate the design asthetic, technique, and amount of work that went into a piece and to vote with a knowledge of what it takes to create a piece of jewelry.

So, yes, I will definitely tell my bead buddies that I entered, and will be proud of the fact that I did. And whether I get 5 votes or 50, I will be appreciative of each one knowing that it comes from a person who understands what it means to sit down at a desk and pour your creativity through your fingers. So, congratulations to each and every person in the vote who wrapped and strung and crimped and wove and worked to send in something that they could be proud of. YOU are a Bead Star and there would be no competition, or challenge, or magazine, (or even a forum!) without you.


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on Apr 27, 2011 6:20 AM


That is good to point out I am not convinced that outsiders coming to vote makes much of a difference in the long run. I know when I look at the contest I can tell who submitted some of them because of the style of photography or the style of there work I am not voting because of supporting the artist I am voting because something made me say wow look at that or I wonder how they made that!! And that could go against you too “ oh she won last year I am not voting for that“ As Cat pointed out on another thread in the end it was not because of who made it but because I liked the work the best. Having watched and entered  bead star for a few years you do see some of the same players popping up but I like the fact that the contest is open to every one each year wins or no wins.


  in some categories there might have been three pieces that really jumped out at me and I looked  hard at each of them  going back and forth over and over struggling to make up my mind A piece might get a lot of votes because it is jumping out at you some of the photos are harder to see then others when I first entered bead star my thought was “you also have to be really good at photography” those shots can affect the playing field sometimes I think it would be a whole different competition if the work was sent in to be picked from and the photographs were all done by the same camera person


 When I go back after voting and look there might be one that I almost voted for that has not gotten many votes and I still think wow I loved that one it is stellar and it just surprises me that it has not gotten many votes!!!! Or I will see one that the photograph is not as good in but when I spend some time looking at it’s construction I think wow that is really cleaver I love how that did that.

 I think all the work is great no one should feel bad it is too bad that folks did not know the format was changing this year I wonder if it would deter folks from entering if they had know that they would see how they where doing. Marcie is right every entry should feel proud they got in I think all of the work is great competing is a hard thing to do you have to put yourself out there and that makes every one in the contest a star!!!!

 " the future belongs to those who belives in the beauty of their dreams"

Eleanor Roosevelt


"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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Erin@76 wrote
on Apr 27, 2011 10:01 AM

Marcie--well put!

Magical hands--did you know you can vote for more than one entry per category this time? So you can go back and vote for those pieces that you really like.

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