How to distress a silver wash tub?

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Sheila H wrote
on Apr 6, 2011 8:07 AM

I have a co worker that does photography. She has a large silver color wash tub she is wanting to use for photos. You know that type were the little kid sits down in the tub and you snap the photo? The silver is too shiny and she is wanting to distress it or take down the shine a bit. 

Our thought is just a light sanding as it won't matter if there are some nicks and scratches as a little bit aged would be a nice added touch. 

This tub is was bought at a farm/feed store so hopefully you know that farm type tub I am talking about. Thanks!

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Ruth. wrote
on Apr 6, 2011 8:15 AM

I once had a door I wanted to use as a headboard but wanted it to have an aged appearance. I decided to paint it and then aged it with a bottle of patina paint I found in the Walmart craft isle. I just rubbed it on with a cloth the thickness of "patina" I was trying to acheive. I would think that the same technique would work for a metal tub. Maybe ding it up with a hammer and some chain first and then rub the paint on so it settles thicker in the cracks.

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