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DanielleF@9 wrote
on May 30, 2008 2:12 PM

Welcome to our new Stringing forum! I look forward to this opportunity to get to know you better. Whether or not you're a Stringing subscriber, I invite you to use this forum to share your comments, kudos, concerns, stories, and ideas regarding Stringing magazine and the craft in general. I've already had the opportunity to meet (in person and virtually) many of Stringing's contributors, readers, and advertisers, so I know what a really great group of people you are. I think this forum will not only help build our community, but will also help build a better magazine...and, hopefully, some lasting friendships along the way.

In each issue's editor's letter, I always ask for feedback about Stringing. I get some...but not much! I think this forum, however, will change things--what a fast and easy way to communicate, eh? And I truly, seriously, honestly, no joke want to hear your opinions about our magazine. Do you like the new column? How about the last feature? These are the types of questions I'll be asking in the weeks to come. After all, only with your help can we make Stringing better and better!

Thank you for joining the Stringing forum. Let the ideas start flowing!

Best regards,

Danielle Fox, Editor, Stringing



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Jennifer@186 wrote
on Sep 24, 2009 5:07 PM

 Hi, I have been beading for nearly five years now and absolutly love it.  If I could bead 24 hrs a day it still wouldn't be enough (money shortages don't help either).  I have tried most forms of beading but your magazine has shown me that my preferred method of stringing is definately more than 'bumps on string'.  I am a new subscriber to Stringing magazine as I can not get enough of it.  There are limitless ways of stringing beads and I love the challenge of finding new inspiration.

Thanks for a great magazine and keep up the good work.

Jennifer Hawkins



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