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AnnaJ@16 wrote
on Feb 4, 2010 7:34 AM

I feel like the majority of Beading Daily emails I get lately are trying to sell me something (a magazine, a book, etc.).  I miss the days when this was not so.  I cannot count the number of emails I have gotten in the past couple of weeks trying to get me to subscribe to Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry.  If I wanted to subscribe to that magazine, I would just do that on my own.  Wondering if other people feel the same way??

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MysticP wrote
on Feb 4, 2010 7:37 AM

I sort of agree with you, Anna. While I expect a certain amount of pushing their product, when I first signed up for Beading Daily there seemed to be a lot more emails with tips, meanderings about jewelry making, and projects. I wish they were concentrating on those again, instead of getting advertisements for magazines I already get!!

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LinaG2 wrote
on Feb 4, 2010 9:38 AM

I definitely agree.  I believe there was a thread just a couple of weeks ago about this same thing and I don't remember exactly what it said but apparenty, there were certain days that were for marketing...I just don't remember what days those were.  I remember there used to be a different pattern every week....I haven't seen that happen either in a while.  I'm sure it will come back.

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on Feb 4, 2010 8:35 PM

I believe there was a thread just a couple of weeks ago about this same thing and I don't remember exactly what it said but apparenty, there were certain days that were for marketing

Tuesday and Thursday.  And some advertising on MWF, especially at the bottom of the page, for their magazines; they do own the site.  Their latest ones seem to be a bit better now than earlier.  As long as I can get some useful information on MWF, I won't get TOO loud about reasonable advertising, but I detest the use of the MWF newsletters primarily to sell a book or a magazine subscription.  There was recently what I would consider an acceptable [to me] bit of advertising concerning 1) a DVD of the 2007 issues of "BeadWork", and  2) DVDs for the new season of "Beads, Baubles and Jewels".  I'm interested in those.

Teasers meant only to induce me to buy a book on a subject, and not to give me ideas about doing something are not.  If The book is mentioned as a source of additional  help / information, that could be acceptable -- [my opinion, which I will NOT diminish with the word  "JUST" !!]!

Stan B.

Lakeland, MN


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JSmaz wrote
on Feb 5, 2010 2:41 AM

I'm interested in the CD's of all the back issues, but the problem for me is I already own all the print copies, so why would I pay for them all over again to have them on CD?  If they would give a break to people who subscribed for that year I'd be REALLY interested.


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LinaG2 wrote
on Feb 5, 2010 8:34 AM

Stan, I don't really read too much the advertisements when I see it's that because I a like you...but I didn't know they sold cd's as well.  That sounds pretty interesting especially for those magazines I do not order to.  The problem is that some of the magazines that I get, there is only one or two things that I may really really like so a lot of times, I just go to the craft store and look through the magazine to see if there are more than 5 things I like and then buy and if not, I just put it down.  I will have to start paying some attention to the ads.

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Evalie wrote
on Feb 11, 2010 4:15 PM

I really don't mind the selling on the website....or the ads. What really bothers me is the pop-up window i get EVERY time I start to sign on. If it was a regular advertisement for products through Interweave, I would pay more attention. I'm just stubborn enough about pop-ups to ignore it even if it was for something I would like to buy!

At least it is the only one I get on this site!


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Cathy wrote
on Feb 11, 2010 4:39 PM

I'm with you Evalie.  I HATE that pop up, too, that comes up every time I got to sign on.


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on Feb 11, 2010 8:54 PM

Wouldn't it be great to save time looking for something in a year of projects by having a complete, searchable index instead of leafing through pages (though that can be fun, no question!) And think of the shelf space you'd save.


Interesting point about a discount if you already subscribe. I'll mention that.


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on Feb 11, 2010 9:17 PM


Any time we create a book or Cd or subscription promo, its always 'cause we think it's worthwhile and want you to know about it. Our marketing foilks work VERY hard to make those ads interesting and appealing, with connections to our edit content. We try hard to add content value to our emails with something in and of itself, with how-tos  or Did You Know things, lots of eye candy, fun stuff, cool stuff, and my own personal take on everything beady I want to share with everyone...and then recommend further exploration with whatever that promotion is. Of course we are in the business to sell, as well as instruct and inspire. Without those sales, we couldn't have the site.

I totally get your feelings about those only-to-sell blogs, and we try to keep those to T and Th. But--the sales come with the emails. Most of them have cool photos, which are inspiring, at the very least. Ideas come from anywhere, right? So enjoy the parts you like, and you never know--there could be things on sale you like, too, once in a while. Otherwise, keep your enthusiastic presence on the Forums as you have been for so long, and we'll keep trying to make Beading Daily better for you, with your understanding that we work hard to continue to be here for you and experience growth during such pressing economic times.

Thanks as always for your intelligent convos!

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