Overemphasis on Wirework in Beading Daily

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Vicki@93 wrote
on Jan 16, 2010 8:13 PM

Two words:  BEADING DAILY.  In my wire work, I use BEADS.  (See my avatar for proof.)  'Nuf said.


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on Jan 18, 2010 7:41 PM

Hi Vicki!

Yes, we do expand into other mediums, that's what people keep telling us they want, but we still feature beading most of all. And I say this as a devout beadist! Stick around, you'll be glad you did.



editor Beading Daily



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CryssT wrote
on Feb 6, 2010 3:10 PM

I was thinking this one was too old to respond too but I read further so what the heck.

I agree with Larry - more beading.

If I want to get into wire wrapping, I'll buy a wire wrapping magazine. An occasional article in BD is fine.

Unless the forums aren't democratic it shouldn't matter how often or how little one posts.

It should be the content of the post that counts.


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Larry.Linson wrote
on Feb 6, 2010 11:38 PM

I'm the original poster and my post dealt with the newsletter, not the posts in the forum... that the BEADING DAILY NEWSLETTER was concentrating on wirework, not on beading. This seemed a reasonable way to get a message to the editors (perhaps those of you complaining that my posting here has been minimal and therefore I shouldn't be expressing my opinion, should have carefully read that post).

Apparently there are many LOVERS of wirework here in the forum. I would strongly endorse Interweave creating a WIREWORK DAILY newsletter to cater to the subject of which some of you are so fond. Apparently, you'd prefer that they simply co-opt the BEADING DAILY newsletter to concentrate on wirework. If so, it seems to me that you are getting your wish. Why the editors are choosing to do so, I couldn't say.

There was also a complaint that I hadn't shared pictures of my work with you, here. There are a number of pictures of my work posted at the Yahoo Group for the Wild West Bead Society... you'll have to join to see them, but there's no cost for joining. And, back in late 2007, there were some pictures of my work published in Beadwork magazine.

 Best regards to all, and best wishes,

 Larry Linson


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Larry.Linson wrote
on Feb 6, 2010 11:46 PM

Hi, Leslie,

I'm a person, and a subscriber to Beadwork Magazine, and I wrote telling you what I want in the Beading Daily Newsletter. It seems at least a few others agree. But, apparently that was unacceptable to the wirework fans in the forum, but my comment was really intended for you, not for them, anyway.




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MysticP wrote
on Feb 7, 2010 1:14 AM

But, apparently that was unacceptable to the wirework fans in the forum, but my comment was really intended for you, not for them, anyway.

hmmmm... perhaps some people here felt that your comments were minimizing their craft. While I'm sure that wasn't your intention, I can understand from your comments why they would feel slighted.

as I look through this site and this forum, it seems that Beading Daily is the common forum for 4 magazines ... Beadwork, Stringing, 
Step by Step Wire Jewelry, and of course Bead Star. Having read issues of nearly all these periodicals, I've seen examples of a wide range of techniques, and I've learned a lot from all of them. The intent of this publishing company is obviously to appeal to a broader audience and encompass several different ideas of jewelry design, not to edge out people who are interested in different techniques. I'm not sure, Mr. Linson, that narrowing one's base would be a desirable goal for this particular site.

 Personally, I can tell you that I've reviewed and disregarded several internet groups (including several Yahoo! groups) because I thought that their focus was too narrowly aimed at a single specific method of jewelry making, and if BD were to  narrow it's curriculum as you have suggested, I doubt I would be as interested in receiving their newsletters and contributing to their forums. I have great respect for the people who do intricate beadwork, but as a jewelry designer, I enjoy learning about new and different techniques. I have the deepest admiration for the people on this site who contribute every day, share their work and their knowledge, and remain throughout many different trials and tribulations the heartbeat that drives this site. Variety is the charm of the newsletters, forum, and galleries. Taking that away would be a downright shame.

Beading and jewelry making nowadays encompass far more than bead weaving. There's a whole great big world of jewelry making ideas out there, utilizing all sorts of media and techniques.  I'd like to suggest you get yourself a pair of rosary pliers and some copper wire and experience the whole world of possibilities that open up to you! If you're truly not interested in that at all, there is always the "delete" button and the Wild West Bead Society.

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Erin@76 wrote
on Feb 9, 2010 10:22 AM

Well put, MysticP!

Also, one of Interweave's publications is "jewelry Artist" which focuses more on fabrication, metal work, etc., so we see some daily emails from them as well.

Larry, its fine if you only want to concentrate on beadweaving, and aren't interested in doing anything else. Your opinion matters whether you have one post or thousands of posts. But many of us really LIKE the variety of techniques covered by BD, and would not want to see the focus get narrowed to only one topic.



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on Feb 9, 2010 10:42 AM

Right now Beading Daily, in spite of the name, is carrying all our titles in jewelry making. We are working on expansion as well as consolidation, which does not happen quickly. For now, some week it will be wire heavy, sometimes bead heavy. The blogs and emails are sisters in content, and not separate products. The forums however can be very specific. I hear from wire artists and metalsmiths with the same urgency about topics as from beaders. Please hang in. We are doing what we can to find niches for everyone. This is a free site, so it's no no loss to you to pass over the subjects you have no interest in.

But I must say, you never know what may inspire you, in form, function, resource or color, even if you're a beader and our post highights hammering. You just never know! Don't do yourself a disservice by dismissing another medium without at least a glance. Sparks for ideas exist in surprising places!




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