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GTObeader wrote
on Mar 12, 2009 11:50 AM

 I have a magnetic clasp that DOES NOT have a ring on either end to attach to a necklace.  Each piece has a small hole at one end and a larger hole at the other end.  There is nothing to attach a jump ring do I use this.....? Please email me at   I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks. 

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Marlene@51 wrote
on Mar 12, 2009 3:55 PM


  1. Get a piece of beading wire.
  2. get a crimp bead
  3. put the wire through the crimp bead and then back through the same original hole and make a loop.  Pull Tight.
  4. use crimp pliers and crimp the bead around the wire.
  5. Cut off excess wire
  6. put Other end of wire without crimp through the large hole.
  7. String Beads
  8. Put beading wire through small hole of other magnetic clasp
  9. Do the crimp bead thing again.  This is tricky because you need to get it very close to the clasp so there will not be a large amount of slack on the wire.
  10. Repeat crimp and cut.


Let me know if that helps.



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Arl7180 wrote
on Apr 28, 2009 12:03 PM

 I use fishing line.  Pull the line up with the end coming out of the large hole.  Light the end of the line with a lighter just long enough for the line to start melting into a ball.  After a second it is cool to touch, pull it down into the clasp.  String your beads and put the line through the other clasp like you did the first with the large hole facing you.  Cut the line close to the edge of the clasp leaving room for it to melt when burning.  If it's too close the ball it forms will be too small and slip through the back end.  Before you do all this, make sure the that the larger hole on the clasps are the ones that magnatize together.  I have finished a bracelet only to find the ends don't go together.


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DebWAZ wrote
on Apr 30, 2009 5:20 PM

Thank you Marlene!

I am not fond of these kinds of magnetic clasps, but every so often, I wind up with one as a repair. They are not the most fun things in the world.

The last time I did a repair like that, I had gaposis between the beads and the magnet, even after I re-worked the dang thing about 80 gajillion times - too much for a $5 estimate repair. I finally gave up - strung the dang thing with a 1/4" gap on each side between the beads, then filled the space with crimp covers! (At last - what *I* consider a good use for crimp covers.) They made nice "beads", filled the gap and the magnet clasp was secure! The best part was that the customer was happy! I made sure to show her and her DH what I did - her DH was impressed with my engineering.

Deb - AZ Bead Depot








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LoisB@23 wrote
on Apr 30, 2009 6:37 PM

 Deb-- I bet he was! I would be too, stroke of brilliance there.


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catdaddy wrote
on Jan 17, 2011 11:06 AM

Thanks.  I'm wanting to try these magnetic clasps.  I tried using crimp beads with fishing line and broke the line.  Yikes!  One of my beading friends swears by these clasps.  I like magnetic clasps, but they often don't work and come loose.  thanks. 

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bohobeads wrote
on Apr 13, 2011 9:57 AM

I bought a bracelet at a craft fair at Christmas. It has this same no-ring type of magnetic clasp. The magnet is excellent. I thought it would be a great idea to make some necklaces for my 92-year-old mom who can't handle a regular clasp any more. Anyway ... I bought some thinking they would be a breeze ... but no such luck.  Marlene ... I was thrilled to see your post ... it appears to be the only one on the entire internet!  The only problem is ... my crimp beads won't go into the larger hole. They are pretty tiny crimp beads ... I don't know if I can buy smaller ones.

catdaddy .... you said your friend swears by these clasps ... do you think she might willing to give up her secret to finishing these tricky little things?

I'm thinking the crimp cover is the way to go ... but the one I bought has knots on inside the larger hole on both ends and no gaps ... there's gotta be a way?

Cheers all.

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bohobeads wrote
on Apr 13, 2011 11:29 AM

I've been like a dog with a bone on this all morning. After discovering that there is an A side and a B side to these magnets - doh! (i.e. the larger holes must face eachother to snap together) .. I have come up with - what for me anyway - is a reasonable work-around. It doesn't resolve the problem of getting a knot into the hole without a gap, but it will allow me to use up the 20 sets that I bought.

The solution .... headpins. Use a headpin with a small enough head to go inside the hole and make a wrapped loop (at least 3 wraps). You can then make your necklace/bracelet the same way you would if you used any other kind of ringed clasp. I used beading wire and a crimp bead to join the necklace to the wrapped loop on both ends.


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SCB1 wrote
on Apr 13, 2011 2:44 PM


There are other types of magnetic clasps. I went to Firemountain Gems to give you an idea about the different ones. I know which ones you have and I can't to attach them without slack in wire either. Here is the link to ones at Firemounatin Gems.

Happy Beading!!


Small-town USA. 




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Claudette48 wrote
on Apr 14, 2011 3:01 PM

It's like anything else - you just have to know the secret.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don't like to share.

I love Magnetic Clasps.  You have to beat me to force me to use anything else.  They're quick to put on, easy for everyone to use - everyoine has struggled putting on jewelry before and then give up, and because of the type of line I use and the process I use I can guarantee my jewelry for life. I make several hundred a month.  Here's hooooooooow . . . Good luck.  Also, if you ahve any questions, please write and I'll try to explain beter.  It's one of those things, that once you get how to do it, it's easy and fast, but until then . . . also, there are different types of Magnetic Clasps, some much better than others.  Expensive, doesn't make them better.  You one strong and one piece contruction - no glued on parts.

Directions for Attaching Magnetic Clasps to Jewelry


Here is how I attach the line to the Magnetic Clasp without loops.


I leave the monofilament line on the spool and string the necklace, bracelet, or anklet.  When done I make sure that I have the two correct ends of the clasp rather than both going in the same direction.  You’ll notice that there is a large hole and a small hole.  Both small holes should be facing out.  This is the correct position when attached to your piece of jewelry.  Both large holes could face out and you would still have correct magnetic alignment, but this would not be the way it is attached to the jewelry.  It is the small hole that will go against your work with the large holes magnetically attached to each other.  What you don’t want is one small hole out and one large hole in.  If this is the case, then when you attach the ends to your jewelry, instead of attaching, they will repel, and unless you use the safe guards listed later so this does not happen, you will say bad words and have to cut your jewelry apart and start all over.


When you have finished your bracelet/anklet/necklace, first, take the magnet and slide it on your line with the small hole first – large hole out.  If you are using magnetic beads, and the clasp “bounces” and does not attach to the beads, then take this clasp off and use the other end.  It will not “bounce”.  This does not happen often,  Make a simple over hand single knot.  Pull the knot tight using a pair of pliers (needle nose, rosary nose, or flat nose) leaving the knot on the “outside” of the Magnetic Clasp for now.  Snip it within 1/8 inch of the knot.  Burn end with lighter as close to the knot as possible without disturbing the knot.  This keeps the knot from slipping and the end inside the hole in the clasp.  Now pull the knot inside the hole!


Now attach the other, ;loose end of the Magnetic Clasp to the end that is now attached to the jewelry.  You’re going to do this for several reasons.  To make sure that you still have the correct corresponding Magnetic Clasp, so that when you go to get it for the other end, you know exactly where it is, and because when you measure your work, that end can make a big difference.  It can make the difference between a 7” bracelet and a 7.25” inch bracelet!


Now for the BIG secret!  Take and slide all of the beads down to the attached Magnetic Clasp, still holding the end attached to the spool.  Pull the line tight, stretching the line as much as you can, attaching hemostats just above the last bead.  It will be so inflexible that you will not be able to wear it this way, because it won’t curl around your wrist.  You neither want it too lose so that you have gaps - line showing.  A very small amount of line showing is alright because, if you are using the special monofilament line that I get imported from Germany, after wearing it, it will take up this small slack.  If you use square beads, you’ll need more slack, but not too much, because square beads or cubes or large (8mm or larger), take up less room when hanging straight then when in a circle as in a necklace or bracelet.  This part may take some practice, but really is fairly east to catch on to.


Now cut the line about two inches above the hemostats removing your spool of line.  Slide the Magnetic Clasp on the line, small hole first, large hole out.  This part is easy because the clasp will attach itself to the hemostats, and your jewelry is now entirely secure.  Remember, you know where it is, because you left it attached to the Magnetic Clasp at the other end.  Make your simple single over hand knot.  Use your thumb nail and pliers to slide the knot down and pull it tight, but you don’t have to “fight” with it to get it right on top of the clasp, because remember, you pulled you’re jewelry tight to compensate for this and for the length of the clasp.  Snip 1/8 inch above knot and burn end.


When you let go of the hemostats, the knot will get sucked into the middle of the Magnetic Clasp.  Now the piece of jewelry is the perfect resiliency.  Ta Da!  It really is easy to do!  It just takes a little practice.


And this is really the easiest and best way to do it.  It’s why I can guarantee the construction of my jewelry; the imported line and the method of attaching the Magnetic Clasp to the jewelry.


If, however, you’re not comfortable with it, you can get the thinner line and crimp as usual by buying the Magnetic Clasps with loops (4mm only), or if you use the 6mm Magnetic Clasps without loops you can actually use the method described above, but instead of knotting and burning, crimping the ends and placing the crimp bead inside the Magnetic Clasp.  If you want to crimp using loops on the 6mm Magnetic Clasps which does not come with loops, simply add a head pin, cutting off excess and making a loop out of the end with your rosary pliers, and proceed as you usually would.




Tip: To stop metal findings from tarnishing store in a ZIP Lock bag with a chunk of chalk.



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beadinstyle wrote
on Apr 14, 2011 4:56 PM

Aaaah ... Claudette, so fascinating to read your methods. I have avoided all these clasps as much as I can, but now I can try your way, and feel smart again Smile. Can you tell us the type/brand of magic fishing wire you import? What is its thickness?

Thanks so much for your detailed explanation. Yes

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SCB1 wrote
on Apr 14, 2011 5:36 PM

Thank you Claudette, I have also avoided this type of clasp, because I couldn't get it to look right.

Thanks again.

Happy Beading!!


Small-town USA. 




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bohobeads wrote
on Apr 15, 2011 7:30 AM

Thanks for sharing Claudette ... I'm going to give this a try!

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yeyeta wrote
on Dec 17, 2012 3:27 AM

Hello Claudette, 

I was also fascinated with this clasps and bought them. I lost my first bracelet made with them after two days wearing it. In my country it is winter now and we have to wear a coat. The first time I went out to my friends' house I realized my bracelet was nearly about to fall when I took the coat off. Next day when I went to the cinema I didn't have the same luck :(

I won't use them never again, unless there is some way to secure them so that they don't open with a light pull.

I think the magnetism could be used to approach the ends of the bracelet so that they can be attached easier with another method, but I still don't know which one to get a nice piece.

I would appreciate any idea...


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