Just venting over an internet order.

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tcwhit wrote
on Oct 28, 2013 8:57 PM

I'm so angry right now I could just scream. Last week I order from 2 diff. companies online. Within a couple days I had my order from Fire Mtn. It was a large mixed up order, but everything was rec'd and it's fine (it was quick, too). On the other hand the other company (gonna' call them company B for now), I ordered several things from, as the price was better and I still didn't have to pay shipping. Until the matter is settled I won't name that company, they still have a day or two to make good on THEIR screw up.

 I don't live on emails. I do answer my telephones though. Still nothing from them today, so I get online to see if maybe it ended up backordered or something. It's canceled! But there is a charge to my account. So I go looking in the emails, and sure enough, there were letters from them that my ship address didn't match my billing address, anad they say they tried to call me and email me and I didn't reply. Trued, like I said, I don't live for emails. but, in my own defense, the PO has changed our address 3 times in the past 2 years. What I did not know was that my bank has somehow ended up with the original address back on my file. Regardless of all that crap, I ordered from company B a year using the exact same billing and ship address that I used this time, and got my order with no problems. So what gives?? I've sent off 3 emails to them about it, as I couldn't calm myself down enough to think of everything at one time. In my canceled order on their site, every box is marked to 'reorder' but it's all back to regular prices now. I unchecked every box as I will NOT reorder at full price. I didn't mark them to re-order. they were all pre-filled. (Is that a word?)

Perhaps I'm over reacting, but in my 3rd email I did tell them if they didn't honor the original order, I wouldn't order from them anymore. What I did not state in the email is that depending on whether or not they resolve this issue to my satisfaction, I will also no longer call them company B. I'll call them by their actual name.

Sometimes it feel good to bee-eye-itch.

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Valbeads wrote
on Oct 29, 2013 2:49 AM

Oh dear, TC,

I'm so sorry this happened.  I've had troubles of my own over the past week, though not with any of my bead businesses...at least, so far.  I agree, FMG is awesome in every way about getting my orders correct and getting them to me in record time, for a fabuloso shipping price.  And they're all the way out in OR, while I'm on the other end of the map here in upstate NY.  As far as wholesalers go, they rock.  Any snafus I might have with my inventory are always taken care of in a [professional, friendly manner. The CS reps are all wonderful.

I've started to get picky over the last year or so with who I do business with online.  There's pretty much only three businesses online I maintain relationships with now, and that is because they have treated me well, and they are: FMG, Lima Beads and Beadaholique.  I do about 85% of my business with FMG and Lima.  Kevin Sly is a dear, and his staff are terrific.  When I need good quality findings, especially 49-strand beading wire, at a decent price, I give my good friend Denise Bush a call down in Occoquan, VA, who owns Off the Beading Path.  Her store is like a bag of chips to me- I can't leave with just one thing!  Last time I was there I melted my Visa down!  Her stuff might be a bit more than some places, but it's an LBS, and that means superior quality and variety to me.  Plus,she has great deals on czech glass.

I really hope your order gets straightened out quickly, and to your satisfaction.  If this company wants repeat traffic, they would be wise to settle things for you.  Yes, there are times you really do need to get things off your chest; you don't want to let them fester.  Hang in there.  You know, I don't keep track of my emails on an hourly basis, either.Confused  For one, I have several accounts.  If I were to do that, I'd never get any sleep and I'd have a psychotic break!  But I can hear my phone ring, and if they don't disguise themselves on my caller ID,  I might actually pick up.




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D.M.Z wrote
on Oct 29, 2013 7:01 PM

TC, I absolutely HATE it when things go poopy with orders.............. It sure narrows down where you buy from and any sensible company will deal with it using brains, but some companies hire ijits in their customer service depts., so there is no help for them at all. They are shooting themselves in the foot doing this but they really don't realize it.....or don't give a hoot.

Oh, the shipping/billing address thing. I just had that happen on an account where I order something from them about every two years...........they have a "new" order processing service and my address came back as not matching. I've lived here for 11 years and since we are very rural I order a LOT of my needs online. What the "problem" was on my address was that one addy was all upper case and the other upper and lower........excuse me all to heck. What a bunch of nonsense. 

As long as we are venting.......... I just had a "$5.00 only" shipment pass me by, while going to the official "sorting" city. Give me a break, I am learning to pick my shipping a bit better. Normally the $5 shipping is FedEx, but that has changed and they sent it USPS 3 day priority, so it went from just south of me here in Oregon, to north of me here in Oregon.........to be sorted and then schlepped back to the mid point and then on over to the coast for delivery. It is NO WONDER a three day priority takes longer than that........and no wonder (to me at least) why they'd drive it all past one sorting facility to go to another................dummies. Whoever is doing the thinking for the PO must be a true dummy to cater to bulk mail users who don't pay enough to cover anything and alienate the rest of us who are the ones paying the increasingly higher rates.

Oooooooh, that did feel good. Hope your problem gets fixed to your satisfaction. I am sure mine will show up eventually. Donna

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D.M.Z wrote
on Oct 29, 2013 8:32 PM

TC, I hate it when our online orders go all askew......... I wrote a long reply to your post, but it went to limbo somehow instead of posting.  So here is a much much shortened version.

I had a problem with an online order that was rejected just this last week because of a discrepancy in address.......... I've lived here over 11 years and have mail ordered most everything because we are so rural.......locally, I get some beads and used t-shirts and groceries............almost everything else comes via the delivery guys.

This address problem was with a company that I order from about every two years and this time they had a different processing service........... they flagged my address as wrong because the old one was upper and lower case and the new "correct" one was all caps.........duh. Now we'll see if I every get my product as I got all nasty and "chose" the old address over the new one just to be ornery. 

Donna, it does feel good to let off a bit of steam though. One always hopes that the outcome with be right................

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