What's some inexpensive ways to advertise new local bead shop?

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DebWAZ wrote
on Sep 4, 2013 8:33 PM


First, congrats on your undertaking; forgive me if I sound like I'm rambling...that's how I think :)

One, you'll need signage to let the people know that you are there, especially if it's not something they can tell from the street or without coming in.

Make up a few pieces, take pictures and put them on display in the storefront window; you could use them as flyers to post at local markets, libraries, schools or give to moms, for a blurb in your free paper or free online classifieds.

If you have enough of a working area (or maybe even on the sidewalk), consider a small scale event you could have on Saturdays that wouldn't interfere with the larger store's business, like a make and take for kids, or a Mom and me kinda thing...or a mini class: buy the supplies and learn to make something small and simple on the spot, maybe?

If the business district / block has special events, plug into them; nearby festivals, promotions.

Hope those suggestions are helpful :)

Very good reply, Von! I'd suggest an A-frame or other sign you could put on the sidewalk that says "BEADS". You could get a small banner to hang outside, if the city codes and the business owner will allow it. We put one on the fence of the flea market and got lots of business from it - and the other vendors did, too because our customers were browsing and buying from them, while trying to find us!







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StormsAttic wrote
on Sep 4, 2013 11:22 PM


That's kind of what my Deb said.  6,000 strands, where are we going to put all those?

I figured we'd just lay them around on the floor in boxes. :)

Pegboards and hanging hooks. Lot of good ideas for that on Pinterest.com, just search 'pegboard'. I saw this used in Lander, WY when I was there, it made looking for particular colors SO easy! 

Advertising: Laundromats, local grocery stores, local scrapbooking stores, etc etc. Put up flyers, see how much a maildrop would cost? 

Around here, there is a Halloween Parade and trick or treat down the main part of downtown. Many local businesses hand out 3X5 flyers with a bit of candy taped to them, or the candy to the kids and hand parents the flyers. 

Sponsor a club at the local high school, or buy a spot at one of their football games. Many schools have a fundraising night, ours is in February, they have a Silent Auction, stores donate, get advertising and chance to put product out there. 

Find out if there are any craft fairs in the area, hand out flyers, set up a booth. Community fairs are big here, as well. 

Good Luck!!! 

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brians34 wrote
on Sep 5, 2013 3:22 PM

Yes great reply.  And great reply from you also Deb.  I just created a sandwich board online and will take it to the store when it comes in.  Whether they want to use it will be another thing.  Listed all the things that can be found inside. (of course, "BEADS! BEADS! BEADS!" is at the top)

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on Oct 7, 2013 4:25 PM

Hi Brians34,

     Are you selling beads and beading supplies or jewelry? One successful way some women in my area advertises their store is by doing free in person tutorials. They teach basic shows at our local art museum. Interested parties bring a keepsake, something personal, or a pendant. They are then shown how to make the item into jewelry. Essentially, it is a way to get newcomers interested in beading. When their interest grows, they buy the supplies from the nice women who showed them how to do it. Good Luck!

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Nik Kamisah wrote
on Nov 2, 2013 9:58 AM

Dear Brians,

Here I have a few ideas to advertise your beadwork :

1. Make a blog, put pictures of your beadwork

2. Advertise on your facebook

3. Give a present of one of your wonderful piece to your friend and I am sure everyone will ask 'where did you get it?' There your business starts from one mouth to another.

4. Make beautiful attractive fliers and give to your friend or slip in newspapers at the shop selling newspapers

5. Make your business card and give to anyone you like

6. Sell to your friends or relatives

And lastly WEAR it yourself! You will be the advertiser. Thank you and happy beading.

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Gyspy Mary wrote
on Nov 9, 2013 1:19 AM

Check out local organizations, "Donate  x amount of dollars " as a gift for a Raffle. Elks, Moose, American Legion, Weight Watchers. TOPS, AA Clubs, Girl/Boy Scouts. Local schools, Bands etc.

It has been my least expensive way to advertise my Beading Classes and other business's over the years.

Best of Luck

Gyspy Mary

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