Attaching toggles to bracelets

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JennyN@10 wrote
on Jan 9, 2009 6:00 PM

I would like to make some spiral bracelets and necklaces for my friends for Christmas this year (using delicas and Nymo thread).

How do I attach the clips or toggles to the bracelet when I'm using Nymo thread???

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on Jan 9, 2009 10:09 PM

Hi Maucat,

I've made lots of spiral bracelets and necklaces. I always use a button, very  large bead or sometimes a peyote toggle.  I use Firleline for strength, but Nymo should be the same.

If you want to use metal toggles, make a loop of beads to go through the ring on the toggle. Either way, go through the beads as many times as you can for extra strength. Bracelets get harder use than a necklace.

Have tried French bullion or gimp, but find it wears fairly quickly on bracelets. Better on necklaces.

Also, try out some rounder beads. Not sure if Delicas will suit spirals.


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Kathynv wrote
on Jan 10, 2009 9:05 AM

I have made many spirals into bracelets, and I always use a toggle as a closure.  I only use Fireline or PowerPro for strength, because there is nothing I like less than getting a gift back so I can repair it.  The method that has worked the best for me is this:  I make the spiral 6" or 6-1/2" long and terminate it as if it were a standalone piece.  Then, I thread the whole spiral onto a piece of beading wire, usually 19 strand Beadalon, because the 19 strand is a bit stiffer than 49 strand, and is easier to get through the spiral's core.  I then put a bead cap on each end of the spiral and glue it in place with E-6000 or other strong jeweler's glue.

When the glue dries, I use crimp beads and attach the toggle as if the bracelet was a normally strung one.  All this sounds like a whole heck of a lot of work, and is probably overkill.  But the spiral's ends look gorgeous with the bead caps on them, and when I glued headpins into the spiral to hold the toggle, they eventually wiggled loose.  I could stitch the toggle onto the end, after stringing on the bead cap, but I haven't had the best of luck with that.  (See my note about hating it when people bring back a gift for me to repair)

If you decide that you want to stitch the findings onto the spiral, please don't use Nymo.  Use one of the Dyneema threads, PowerPro or Fireline.  Nymo isn't strong enough to keep a toggle on a bracelet, because bracelets get a lot of wear and tear and the metal findings aren't always completely smooth.  The slightest sharp edge on the toggle will cut that Nymo in no time.  You can color PowerPro to match your Nymo with a Sharpie, so there isn't a harsh line where the thread changes from one type to another.

HTH, Kathy


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Mortira wrote
on Jan 12, 2009 11:07 PM

 Here's a tutorial that might help you: Finishing Beadwork.

I assume that you're doing some kind of bead weaving, and not just stringing?  If you are doing single strands of seed beads on thread, I recommend adding loops to either end, and using jump rings to attach a clasp. 

Please let me know if you need more info. :D


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