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on May 6, 2013 5:05 AM



I am new to this site, just joined today. I wanted to say Hi and introduce myself.  So,HI!


I live on the sunny island of Hainan, in the South China Sea. My husband and I love the beach and go their daily with our dogs. We love the sea and the beach. I love making jewelry.  All my jewelry is bright, funky, beachy and fun and inspired by the sea and beach. 

Have a look at my website,I would love to hear your feedback. 


Thanks so Much!!

Boho Beach Jewelry



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SCB1 wrote
on May 6, 2013 1:11 PM

Hi glad you joined the group,

 First off I must do my job and inform you that I removed your hyper link to your ESTY site. This is not allowed by our rules and guidelines to be in the body of your post. The one in the signature line is allowed so I left it alone, it is fine. Just make sure you don't do any advertising in the body of your post. 

Now for the fun part of being a member of this group is I get to interact with the other members. So now I will take off my Moderator hat and join in the fun.

I also love the beach very much and go a couple of times a week to pick up sea glass for my jewelry. I don't live on an ocean, but on Lake Erie in Michigan. I was going to educate you on Lake Erie, than I noticed on your ESTY site that your from Canada, so I don't think I need to tell you that it runs from NY to Michigan and separated the USA from Canada. What took  you two Canadians to a island in the South China Sea?


What type of beading do you do? I like most mediums, but I have to say that off loom weaving is my favorite.

Hope you find this group entertaining and helpful to you. 

Happy Beading!!


Small-town USA. 




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SEllen 2 wrote
on May 7, 2013 11:56 AM

Welcome to the forums

We have a great group here and love to hear from new voices. So, find a thread that interests you and join the conversation. And I hope you will, if you can, share some of your work with us in the Reader Showcase. 'Cause if there is one thing we like more than talking about our beads(ing) is seeing what others are doing with them.

Like Sue I like many mediums of jewelry making. And if you stick around here for long you'll probably get a bug to try something new too. It seems to happen to even the best of us. We think there is no way that we have time to try one more technique and then we go and do just that.*L*

I hope you will drop in often and chat with us.

see ya in the posts

 sellen Smile

southwest Texas USA


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on May 9, 2013 6:05 AM

Hi SCB1, 

Sorry about the link. I did read that and should have known better, dumb mistake! Won't happen again, Promise! 

I love the beach. It just makes me feel better. You live on Lake Erie? So, do we! Or did, I should say. Growing up we had a cottage at Long Point on the Canadian side of the lake. I loved the summer storms there. i couldn't wait go to beach combing after and find 'treasure'. I had too many fish hook earrings as a kid to even count! hahaha

Do you still find much glass there? Now we live on Hainan island and surprisingly we don't find any! But,we do find some really amazing shells and a lot of coconuts washing up! hahaha So, different from Lake Erie!

We came here teaching English a few years ago and just fell in love with the culture and country. So, here we are!

Great talking to you and getting to know this site!





Boho Beach Jewelry



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on May 9, 2013 6:07 AM

Hi SEllen 2, 

Thanks for the information and advice. I will get over the Reader Showcase soon and show you some of my work. And, I'm sure I will be inspired by lots on this site!



Boho Beach Jewelry



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