Screen findings for rings?

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beadinstyle wrote
on Apr 9, 2013 9:48 PM

Hi ... I'm looking for some quality perforated screen findings for rings, but having no luck so far. I have seen lots of brooches, some clip-on earring findings ... but not one for rings. I know I can sew/wire a screen onto a ring, but I wanted an easier way :-)  Any ideas? Thanks

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D.M.Z wrote
on Apr 9, 2013 10:03 PM

Ruth, all the screens I've ever seen are separate and you just buy the backs and attach them. So I am of no help whatsoever. I'd suggest Fire Mountain, but theirs are all separate I believe. I bought a package of them once and I think it is a lifetime supply....LOL. Donna

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SewSewBeader wrote
on Apr 9, 2013 11:32 PM

I use window screen (it don't rust) I cut it to the size I want to embellish. Once embellished, I glue "pellon" usually used for blazer jackets. once dry I color to desired color. then glue to the ring base.

I don't have any pictures.

In the 1960's there were not as many options as there are now.

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on Apr 10, 2013 12:55 AM

Do you mean like these?

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beadinstyle wrote
on Apr 10, 2013 5:30 AM

Yes, like those, but with a solid backing attached to a ring. Like the ones for both clipon and post earrings.  Maybe there isnt such a thing?y



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ScottishSue wrote
on Apr 10, 2013 9:13 AM


I have not found a ring finding with a separate  perforated screen.  INSTEAD what I see are ring findings with a perforated screen that  is already attached to an adjustable ring.  Go to google IMAGES, type in "Ring findings," and look through the images until you find a picture with a ring with an attached plate with holes.  For example, I saw some at a place called Foxy Beads. 

I have a French beading book by Marie le Sueur called  Bagues en cristal  (translated that means Crystal Rings).  She works her rings in several different ways:

1)  Makes a crystal motif and glues them to a ring finding that has a flat plate.

2)  Embroiders the crystals to a ring finding where the perforated screen is already soldered on the ring (what I was describing above).

3)  Embroiders on a separate screen and glues it to a ring (what you were talking about -- so they must exist SOMEWHERE!).

4)  Bends a piece of filigree into a ring and embroiders directly onto the filigree (that sounds like a creative idea to me)

5)  Embroiders on a separate screen and attaches it to a ring that has prongs on it to hold the screen.

6)  Covers a button and glues the button to a ring.

7)  Attaches her work to a peyote band.

Hope that helps, ScottishSue

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on Apr 11, 2013 2:07 AM

I bought these years ago in Singapore. I only found out recently that they have backings that attach to them...Super Angry Since I now find I cannot buy the backings separately in bulk like I did for the front part, I use a shanked button instead. I make the item with the front part then glue with e6000 onto the button. That way I can add it to my bracelets whilst it is still on the loom.

I don't even know what the exact name is, I call them metal sink hole thingies.

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on Apr 11, 2013 2:11 AM

Ring type? Well at least we've got the name of it right, then you can start searching. :)

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