Falling beads!!! Help!!!

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carolee1945 wrote
on Mar 25, 2013 8:11 PM

How do I set up my beading area to catch the falling beads?  I have a short pile rug under my beading area, but the beads fall into it and get lost. Also they bounce around onto the hardwood floor.  I thought of putting a white sheet underneath the entire area so falling beads would be visible, but somehow I have a feeling that would not work. Does anyone have ideas?  Maybe I need a bigger beading surface so that my hands are right over it and anything that falls will fall onto the table?  Push my chair belly up to the table?  Any and all ideas are welcome!!!

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on Mar 25, 2013 9:04 PM

You can buy the sticky bead board. They say it is good for keeping your beads on the table. I have't tried it yet. I plan on getting one soon.Smile

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shanks wrote
on Mar 25, 2013 9:20 PM

Get yourself a short apron. Also you need the sticky back Velcro and put some short pieces under the table edge. Put the matching Velcro on the apron, and just stick the apron under the work table.  This should catch most of the loose beads that get away from you. Sticky fingers help as well.

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on Mar 26, 2013 4:31 PM

Do you use a bead mat? That generally works well with most beads to keep them from going anywhere if you are working over it and they are about 8.5x11" (the size of a piece of paper).  If you work anywhere other than the table, you can also put a bead mat on top of a baking sheet with an edge, so that if there is any rolling from moving around while sitting, it stays in the general tray area.

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Summer152 wrote
on Apr 7, 2013 10:02 PM

You can use a bead mat. Maybe it is helpful.

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D.M.Z wrote
on Apr 8, 2013 12:58 AM

The best idea is keeping them on the work surface, a couple of good suggestions have been made. I use a much bigger bead mat that I cut from a vellux blanket that I purposely bought large, I cut off a whole section that is as wide as my desk top and as deep as my work surface goes. I also have, for times when I am working like in the dining room, an aluminum cafeteria type tray which has folded up edge all around, and I put a bead mat on it. If I am going to open beading or to our bead society meeting I have an 8-1/2 x 11 stationary box (like the kind that holds 50 sheets of labels) and another bead mat that fits in it. The lid is kept on with a big goober of a rubber band so I don't lose anything while traveling.

If I am doing a large loom project I keep most of the beads in the original flip top containers and just pour out a small quantity on my bead mat. A project with limited colors goes into watchmakers round aluminum containers with glass lids which fit into their own box with a lid, I can use markers and write the color on the glass and when done, it comes off with alcohol. 

The sticky bead mats are ok for small quantities and single layers of beads, more than that and they will just roll off. Shanks idea of the apron is so good, you'd just have to un-velcro the apron and collect the beads in it when you take a break..........and you should take one every hour or so. Donna

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Claudette48 wrote
on Apr 10, 2013 9:54 AM

I was fortunate that I went to a garage sale and found 4 TV trays with a metal lip.  On one I cut a non skid mat to the entire surface(not the lip) and then glued an 18" ruler about 1" from the edge closest to me.

On another I just glued an 18" ruler which I use when I'm beading with magnetic beads.  The other two are back up because I never want to not have them to work on.  They're the perfect height for me.  They are easily moved from one room to the other without taking over the entire room.  I can fold it easily to put it away or take to a show with me for the perfect work area.  I can invite others to bead at my home.  This tiny investment takes care of all my beading needs.

Tip on the ruler.  If you do a lot of beading don't get a smooth ruler with black paint for the measurements (office supply).  Spend a little more and get one from an artist supply store that has grooves and paint for the measurements.  The first ruler I got wads smooth and I wore off the markings in record time.


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EmmaBaby123 wrote
on Apr 10, 2013 10:17 AM

The simplest solution is often the most effective.  That's what Ive found!

Either a larger surface bead mat or working area will work or the above suggestions of getting a sticky bead mat...  I don't have a sticky mat myself, but find that a larger surface area with grooves at the edges, that stop the beads from dropping off) seems to work just fine.


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SCB1 wrote
on Apr 10, 2013 3:46 PM

Welcome back Claudette I haven't seen you here in eons. I am so glad to have you here posting once again.

Happy Beading!!


Small-town USA. 




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Claudette48 wrote
on Apr 10, 2013 4:17 PM

You are so sweet for remembering me.  Thank you.

I missed all of you and sharing.  Life happened in between.  I had a 31 day show, 14 hours a day that I do by myself, pneumonia for 4 months, and then my website disappeared after 12 years and with it the E Mail that was associated with this Forum.  Websites' back up - what a job and today my E mail was back and so here I am again.

It's good to be back in all ways and I am so glad you are still here doing a wonderful job for everyone.  You are very much appreciated.





Tip: To stop metal findings from tarnishing store in a ZIP Lock bag with a chunk of chalk.



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D.M.Z wrote
on Apr 10, 2013 6:02 PM

Claudette, I love the TV tray idea and have seen them at yard sales also.........BUT the rub for me is that I have two big boxer dogs and one 4 month old pup and there is no TV tray that would survive their "play time" activities. It sometimes sounds like a herd of ele-fronts are making their way around the kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway race track. Other times they put on WWF quality play fights and roll around and toss toys all over..............nah, trays are wonderful but they'd never work for me. My work desk is very very heavy, I have to remove all drawers if I need to move it. Luckily it is all up off the ground and I can search for the odd bead or vacuum under it with no need to move anything. My dogs are my kids and I couldn't do without the activity and laughter they bring me............. Donna

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