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SCB1 wrote
on Feb 28, 2013 11:52 PM

As a moderator I have received several e-mails requesting clarification or one rule or another.

I have found this link, and because it has helped me moderate the forums, I decided to share the link with all of you. Not that I won't continue to answer you questions as they come to me, but this may clarify questions that some may be too timid to ask.

The rules were posted  in 2009 by Leslie, when the forum was still a baby.

 I first introduced myself in June of 2008, I was one of the charter members and I have seen this forum grow to what it is today, over 549,00 members strong. And I am happy to say I have made many friends here. Friends I have learned from, and friends  I have taught. Beading Daily is a happy place for me and many others, and I swear to do my best to keep it that way.

When I first joined the group I believe there were less than 50 members, and I watched as the membership grew. We were all very friendly and the site was all a buzz with helpful people. So you understand, when I say that it saddens me to see so much spam and advertising on the site. Because with the spam and advertising I have seen a decline in member activity. I really want to see the old forum come back to life, and that is why I am so committed to enforcing the rules and deleting all post that violates the rules and guidelines. Rules and guidelines are good for everyone, they keep everyone on a level field.  

Sorry for my ramblings. I will get off the soap box now. Big Smile

Happy Beading!!


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ottercat wrote
on Mar 1, 2013 1:10 AM

If I may -- I found two more that may be helpful (both same theme):

Forums > Community Center > How to use the forums > Forum guidelines (2008, Michelle Mach);

Forums > Community Center > Beading Daily Guidelines > 2010 GUIDELINES (2010, Leslie Rogalski).

My hope is that you (and all of us) will get your wish -- the revitalization of Beading Daily.  Even with the 'tarnish' caused by the spammers & advertisers, this is a good place to come together and share our love of beading.  Have faith -- BD will be even better.

Ottercat Coffee

02-28-13 (2309 PST)

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