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tcwhit wrote
on Feb 15, 2013 10:18 PM

Not sure where I saw the discussions of storing current projects or carrying them with you, but I wanted to share what I do. This is a plastic zip bag from a pair of pillow cases. I have the bigger ones too for larger projects. I save them all. Some are used for beading and some for traveling (shampoo and little stuff and wet bathing suits, etc) These smaller ones fit right in my purse. Folded inside the small bead mat is the actual work in progress, the loose beads and needle still attached to the piece. Extra needles are in an empty tube in the little tub on the left, with the beads and string. My tools just go loose in the bag if I need anything other then scissors. I have so many of these plastic zipper bags, I guess I better rethink those white sales, or hold one of my own


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Emma.J wrote
on Feb 16, 2013 4:29 AM

what a great travel idea! I have like a little make up case that I keep my beads/thread/scissors in when I travel and then roll that up in my bead mat, but I am liking your idea much better! So much more organised.. I may do this when I fly pverseas on my holiday so I can bead on the plane (one I figure out how to sneak my beading needles and craft scissors past security Wink lol)

Thnks for the tip!

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tcwhit wrote
on Feb 16, 2013 6:52 AM

Oh Em, I had to laugh at myself after reading your post. My makeup luggage pieces are already taken over with the PMC supplies! I don't travel with them, but they make great storage containers and fit perfectly in the closet space allotted to them! Makeup? Oh, I throw that in a baggie in a side pocket somewhere............

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D.M.Z wrote
on Feb 16, 2013 2:49 PM

I'm worse, I no longer travel unless it is an absolute necessity, tired of it all and seen just about all I'd care to. Not sour grapes, just old age.........LOL, and lots of traveling when I was younger.......lots. 

But I do carry my stuff to open beading at our local bead shop, and to our monthly Bead Society meetings. I carry one pencil box that is dedicated to my "regular tools".......the items I normally need for most any bead project I can carry. It has scissors, cutters, one pair of pliers, Fireline or Nymo, needles, nair file, wax, Thread Heaven, flexible tape, three 6" rulers, bead scoops, ink pen, an awl for knots,tea bag, tin of Licorice Altoids. 

Then I carry one or more additional pencil boxes with projects in them. I stack them in one of my tote bags depending on my mood and the season, current fave is a Lancome tote that someone gave me, but it has a cheapo plastic liner, so I'll have to reline it sooner or later. I also have a microfiber bag and one leather and one I'm set.

I also have another 18 of them on my desk, they hold all my flip top tubes of delicas. Donna

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