Necklace "New year stars"

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ulea wrote
on Feb 10, 2013 12:42 PM

A lot of Swarovski components and beading lace. Necklace and earrings for celebratory party.


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Vicky325 wrote
on Feb 10, 2013 2:40 PM

I think it's stunning! What beautiful color combination. I love all that sparkles, and this definitely does. Imagine how royal it must look with an evening gown! Great work.


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tcwhit wrote
on Feb 10, 2013 2:58 PM

Sometimes I see pieces that make my jaw drop. The most amazing things that can come from human hands, it boggles the mind. This is incredibly fantastic!

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D.M.Z wrote
on Feb 10, 2013 6:40 PM

If one ever gets an invite to attend a party and meet a king or queen or head of state......... well this would be the necklace and earrings I'd want to be wearing. Lovely work. Donna

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ottercat wrote
on Feb 10, 2013 7:20 PM

Stunning -- fit for a queen!

Ottercat Coffee

02-10-13 (1718 PST)

Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.  ~ Oscar Wilde

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Emma.J wrote
on Feb 10, 2013 8:03 PM

WOW! That is gorgeous! The colour combination is great (I love green and purple together)

A very stunning piece. Job well done Smile


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Valbeads wrote
on Feb 11, 2013 5:37 AM

I am in complete awe.  What an exquisite piece.  All the hard work and craftmanship that went into the design.  I really love it.



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ottercat wrote
on Feb 11, 2013 9:00 PM

Not sure what country you're in, but I think the First Lady (USA) might appreciate your artistry.

Ottercat Coffee

02-11-13 (1858 PST)

Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.  ~ Oscar Wilde

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HDChiky wrote
on Feb 12, 2013 10:28 PM

Oh my gosh! That is beautiful! And when I think of how much time you have in it....gorgeous !

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Luv2CUSmile wrote
on Feb 21, 2013 9:10 AM


I agree with many of the others... This is truly exquisite and if I were looking at it elsewhere I would think it was made of real jewels! This definitely should have been worn by "somebody" at the Inaugural Ball maybe? LOL Even at the next awards show?! Very impressive!



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noelohwell wrote
on Feb 21, 2013 12:29 PM

how beautiful!  I hope the wearer hired security to follow her around!  ;)


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on Feb 22, 2013 4:18 AM

The necklace is so gorgeous!!! Swarovski and lace are such an attractive combination, Looking forward to see someone wearing it to attend a party! Big Smile

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megabgirl wrote
on Apr 12, 2013 2:00 PM

WOW! This is a mind-blowing, gorgeous piece! Thank you for sharing!

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Summer152 wrote
on Apr 13, 2013 2:50 AM

I think it will make people more charming.

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