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beetle654 wrote
on Jan 29, 2013 11:53 PM

I've always insisted on using round seed beads, even making a point of it, turning my nose up a cylinder beads. But... I fear my loyalty may have swayed just a bit, when a specific project got me interested in using some 10/0 Delicas (don't tell my Preciosa beads!)... Anyway, to stop rambling and get to my point, I got some mixes and ended up with Delicas that are color lined and ceylon, two finishes I usually avoid like the plague for fear that the colors will fade or rub off. Are Delicas more color fast with these finishes? About the same as regular seed beads? I assume the higher quality will make them more reliable, but I'm not sure... Either way, I just need to make sure I keep them out of sight of my Tohos.  Wink

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D.M.Z wrote
on Jan 30, 2013 12:45 AM

Beetle, I use delicas almost exclusively, but I do mostly loomwork and frame my pieces. So while I don't wear them and abraid the beads, they are subject to light. Color lined and ceylon aren't any more prone to fading, but some delica colors are dyed colors. A lot of sellers will list dyed beads just so that you know, but I haven't lost any color from my beads and I have almost all the colors of delicas in my inventory. I personally think both Toho and Miyuki are much more aware and concerned about colors fading than the manufacturers of cheaper beads. I also have not had any problems with Czech beads, but I do use them less. The only problem I have heard of with color lined cylinders is rubbing the finish off with the thread used to stitch........I have not experienced that though with all the stuff I've done, but I am conscious of not scraping my needle against the wall of the bead.

I bought some of the prettiest pink seed beads and they seemed a bit sticky. They were not brand new and had been in a plastic tube for some time. I washed them just to get rid of the slight stickiness that I thought I was feeling and surprise, all the pink came off. I have washed finished pieces with both other seed beads and with delicas and one bracelet with Toho triangles with no loss of color. I made an amulet bag with delicas and it was my first project and I stitched, tore out, stitched again and had to wash the whole bag as it didn't come up to my standards when I was done, it washed up perfect. I made the Toho triangle bracelet in 2006 and at that time the finishes on some of their beads was not as good as the time I was finished with the bracelet, the first side was having flakes of finish come off. I sealed it and still wear it, but it was my learning project. Hope some of my ramblings helps you. Donna

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