Choosing a name for your business

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AnnieCStudio wrote
on Dec 30, 2012 8:21 PM

I think I've stressed this out the most. Which is silly because I remember when all I ever owned was a bead or two and a string. But, for some reason I thought the name of your business is well.. important. Mainly because it gives off reputation. But it can be quite difficult to come up with something, at least for some of us. I guess it's easier for those who focus on one thing for instance if you make things from the ocean your business can be called Sea Gems. 

I decided I'd just call mines my nickname followed by studio because I work at home in my own little studio. So, if I want to sell handmade jewelry,photography taken by me, candles, etc all made by me .. is it fine to call mines, (my name here) studio? Or boutique,store,workshop? I stuck around with studio but is that appropriate? I want to be sure of what to name it before I start making business cards and a website :P

How did you decide to call your business name?

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on Dec 30, 2012 10:53 PM

I started with a few different names before I finally settled on what it currently is, Creative Eclectica. I named mine Creative Eclectica because even though beading is my main source of sales I also am a proficient paper crafter and sell my paper crafted goods. And within my beady and paper filled realm of creativity I don't necessarily have a particular style that I stick to. It's rather eclectic. So, since I'm creative and I have eclectic tastes I came up with Creative Eclectica :)

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AnnieCStudio wrote
on Dec 31, 2012 5:57 AM

Nice one! :)


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beadinstyle wrote
on Dec 31, 2012 11:36 PM

I inherited my shop business name, but I'm very seriously considering changing it (well, lots of people change names, why am I dithering? Ahh, its the paperwork!). I couldn't get a domain name to match the original business name. I now have an online business name that suits what I do (Bead In Style), as I make jewellery to suit my customer's style and personality, (and have developed a Jewellery Style Consultation, so my customer's can learn about their Jewellery Style themselves). so ... Bead In Style! But I need to line up my monikers proper!
A long winded way of saying ... get your name right IS important because it reflects You. There are So Many "beady" names out there, it is difficult to think up an original one. And if your craft isn't purely beady, think on what your specialty is, what your style might be, favourite colour, favourite place ... And check out the online availabilities, as well. (I'm sure you will). 

best wishes and Good luck!

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AnnieCStudio wrote
on Jan 1, 2013 8:53 AM

Great advice! Thank you! I agree, I believe your business name reflects you and thinking of something original can be difficult or easy, all depends on the individual. I just decided to stick with my nick name and then add Studio along with it. Simply because I want to create many different things so I can't just stick to beading when I also love photography.

But, I was wondering if Studio does fit well? Or should it be something else? I've seen many different people who use their stage name and something along like (Your name) Boutique etc. So, if I plan on selling handmade goodies such as jewelry,photography,candles,etc . Is Studio appropriate? What other options are there hmmm

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