Flower Theme of Henri J. Sillam Jewelry

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on Dec 12, 2012 3:52 AM

All kinds of charming flowers are the indispensable theme in jewelry design. Henri J. Sillam took advantage of various fancy gems to embellish and add the brightness and colorfulness of every flower which is full of vitality and dazzling beauty. Pink tulip which symbolizes eternal love, yellow rose which has the connotation of luck and friendship, noble and pure white lily, orchid, the symbol of noble conduct and calla lilies which has the florid of vibrant passion etc., all have inlaid closely with the flashing and bright fancy gems and diamond. With a dissemination of dazzling brilliance, every item can show the elegant and noble character of the wearer definitely.

About Henri J. Sillam:

With stores opened in Vienna, the brand was founded in France in 1838 and then rooted in Austra, which is a family enterprise with a long history. The family had ever been the royal goldsmith of the France royal families in nineteenth century, which is famous for the excellent skills. Henri J. Sillam who was graduated from Yale University and Vienna State University and is the fifth generation of the family, right now he is the chief executive officer and general designer. In his opinion, the making of vintage jewelry not only demands exquisite workmanship, but also needs rare and valuable materials to keep consistent with those eternal and unique designs, only in this way, can vintage jewelry be qualified to be added to the vintage jewelry group.

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