best thread for bead weaving

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mommy115 wrote
on Dec 8, 2012 8:26 PM

I just spent about 3 hours researching how to tell what a beading thread I have is made of and doing burn tests over and over to finish the research.  I haven't beaded in a long time and before I quit I had just dabbled a bit in bead weaving and I didn't have a clue what this beautiful, soft thread was made of.  I'm now 99% sure it is nylon (a burned finger later...That melted thread sure sticks good).  I think I used something clear before, this is several little spools in various colors.  I know this would show more because of it's color.  What do you prefer for woven seed would sometimes have glass pearls or swarovski crystals too.  I like to make the clasps of beads so that I don't have to worry about a crimp bead cutting through the thread.

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D.M.Z wrote
on Feb 28, 2013 6:33 PM

1) how much the thread shows depends on the stitch used, some show a lot of thread, some almost none at all. 2) a lot of us use a product like Fireline almost always, but will switch to something like Nymo (always stretch it before using it) for things like fringes as it hangs and drapes nicer. 3) Fireline in at least a 6# test will be better for your crystal pearls and crystals. The crystals can have sharp edges and cut lesser lines. If the stitch you are using requires tension, goes from one crystal to another without benefit of a rounded bead between, or if the stitch comes out of a crystal and then angles, go to a higher test line as there will be more chance of abrasion and breakage. 4) crimp beads are normally used on a product like Soft Flex or Accu-flex which are wire, In beadweaving stitches you'd most likely tie off the main woven piece and then add a clasp by way of rings or separately woven clasps, crimping thread of any kind is just an invitation to disaster. Donna

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tcwhit wrote
on Mar 24, 2013 3:04 PM

Mommy115 - I stand with Donna on the thread issues when using crystals. I use fireline with crystals, and still use a bead between crystals. Perhaps as I gain more experience, I might not add the extra bead. But until I'm able to prove to myself that it won't break, I'll just make sure I include those extra beads. Sometimes you have to mess around with the pattern a bit to be able to incorporate them, but I feel it's worth it. 

Just a few things to add, more as a side here:

When not using many, or any, crystals or stones, I am using a thread called Sono which was actually suggested by a member of this forum. I just love it! Since I started using it, I no longer use Nymo at all, other then to test a small piece for fit of beads and colorway then I go on to make the piece using the Sono. Mainly that's not to waste my favorite thread and to use up the Nymo I have left. Don't want to waste my money! I've never used KO, I don't even know what it is or what to compare it to. Hopefully someone here can add some info about that as it's something I'm interested in trying.

As for conditioning the thread, I have both the wax and the thread heaven. Thread Heaven isn't wax, but a silicone of some sort. The silicone I use with the sono, though I'm not sure you really have to. The Fireline I normally use the wax, but sometimes the thread heaven. Depends on the color of beads I'm using.  Note here too: When I make my test pieces with the Nymo, I stretch it first and use the wax on it too. I don't care if the test pieces break, but I want to see if pieces of wax or anything break off while going through the beads. I might be a bit obsessive about tests, it also something I learned here. I don't like monofilament for anything. I'm sure it has it's uses, but I don't know what for. I used it to fix a pleat in one of my drapes. That must count for something, no?

Hope to see you show some of your work here. We all love seeing the fruits of each other labours and sometimes they're incredibly inspirational. If you read back through the forums there is so much great information and inspiration, and I'm still reading this and thinking something new almost everytime.



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