Deciding on a jewelry "niche"!

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jeannie1106 wrote
on Nov 19, 2012 12:57 PM

So wow!  How in the world is a girl supposed to be able to decide what jewelry "niche" to get into when there are so many beautiful designs and ideas out there!!??!  

I have been able to narrow down my materials to wire and beads, but beyond that - I am at a do I choose which direction to go into, which market to target?

Are there any particular niches that always seem to do well (thinking mother's jewelry as an example)?   How did you come up with YOUR niche?  

As much as I would love to do a wide variety of jewelry designs, I realize there is something economically smart about buying supplies in bulk - so I am resigning myself to the fact that it would probably be beneficial to settle into a niche market.

Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated!

A little about myself... I'm 42.  Working full-time. Mom to two beautiful little girls, ages 2 & 3.  Favorite creative outlet prior to discovering jewelry making - nature photography. From the Jersey Shore and now living in Bucks County, PA.  


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D.M.Z wrote
on Nov 19, 2012 1:14 PM

Jeannie, Your "niche" will find you. As you learn and practice your skills you will find there is a certain area where your original ideas flourish...........that then is the area to pursue. Also, always check your market, if you are proficient in something that is past being popular, don't bother spending money on that one.

What is "mother's jewelry" anyway? There are as many different types of mothers as there are "other" women......... do mothers have more money to spend on jewelry? Lots of questions on my part. Settling on wire and beads and aimed at mothers is going to narrow your market down to a tiny niche.........too small. Plan on doing a business plan, it will open your eyes and do a lot of the research you need to do before spending money and finding you are in the wrong niche. Skills and sales are two different areas.

If you are planning a brick and mortar store, shop your area to see what people buy. Take notes, do keep a notebook of ideas and trends. If you are going to sell online, learn about merchant accounts, look at photos of jewelry and know what looks best, simple backgrounds, easy to look at colors, etc. This one you should have an easy time with as a photog.

Remember not to blatantly copy other people's designs..........and this is the hardest part of being creative and selling. Don't fall into the trap of having your stuff look like other even famous designers, that will get you a lot of negative vibes.......not what you need as a new biz person. You will also need to figure out how to publicize your work, enter contests, post pictures, etc. If you are working full time with two small children, you will not have a lot of time to do all this. I ran a part time biz years ago and believe me when I say I have no memory of my actual life during that time it is the truth. You will run from one end of the day to the other. Maybe a good idea for you is to learn, learn, learn until they are in school? It is all on you though and you alone know your energy levels. Good luck. Donna

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