Newby at beading and feeling conflicted

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MaryRivas wrote
on Oct 26, 2012 8:21 PM

Hi everyone, I just started in beading and found a NEW LOVE! I love it! So I decided to start a business. I started working on necklaces and a ton of earrings. I have soooo much to learn still! However, I made some beautiful seedbead necklaces and earring sets to sell soon and earrings. I took a class for beginners and since I just started this little business I want to sell something for everyone that is not too expensive. I like using base metal for the not so expensive and time consuming earrings and silver plated for slightly nicer beads and some crystals. I'm using sterling silver for my semi precious stones. However, people I took a class from have strongly advised against using silver plated because it turns on you very quickly. l really like the shiny new look of silver plated and that's what I've been using for the less expensive glass stones. Now I'm sooo paranoid my stuff will go bad in a week! I've been using silver plated products. Can anyone chime in on your opinion on the matter?  Thanks and I'm so glad I found this forum! Mary

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Gyspy Mary wrote
on Oct 28, 2012 10:56 PM

Warm Welcome to Beading Daily Forum.  I use different quality for different prices. I also offer to up-grade for a higher quality, comes a higher price. I do gladly change from Silver plate to Sterling Silver Earring wires, studs etc.

I am sure you'l get lots of comments, as soon as everyone stops baking cookies for Holloween.

share your photos of your creations in "Readers Showcase". stop by often


Gyspy Mary

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Aunty Akoya wrote
on Oct 30, 2012 7:18 PM

Hello Mary,

welcome to the forums, everyone here is very helpful and nice, join us chatting. Looking forward to maybe see some of your creations.

I don't have really lots of knowledge about metals and silver and so on. i use both and been very lucky and happy with my material so far... one is allways the same, i take the jewelry off when i do the washing up or having a shower, so it stays pretty for a long time. Though slowly but surley i use more sterling silver and stainless stell, as well paladium to make sure the jewellery stays pretty forever, as i am thinking of selling, so it easier to give guarantee and vouch for it.


Aunty Akoya





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