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Bead-Newbie wrote
on Oct 5, 2012 1:27 PM

I am pretty new to beading. I've started beading using wildfire 10lb and endtips, which is the best process of attaching end tips to the end? should I use a seed beed to sit inside the end tip? should I use glue? if so, which is the best kind? Is the thread im using durable and long lasting? I'm not crazy about wire & crimping bracelets



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on Oct 7, 2012 1:51 PM

Hi Jillian,

You could tie a knot around a seed bead, like you mentioned, inside of the end tip (also called "bead tips"). You could also add a tiny drop of glue, such as E6000 glue (be sure to buy the precision tip applicator tube version). However, you may still find that the metal edges of the end tip cut into the Wildfire and break your bracelets. That's a downside of not using bead stringing wire and crimps.

A completely different approach would be to make beaded loops at the ends rather than using metal findings. String some additional small seed beads (such as 15s), and then sew back into your strand to create the loop. You can attach a jump ring (with clasp) directly to the little loop, or string the closed jump ring on before you reverse direction to make the loop.

To end the thread after making the loop, you'd "weave in" by passing through several beads, making a half hitch knot over the existing thread, passing through several more beads, making another knot, etc., and then finally trimming off the thread tail. For more help with that, try searching for "weaving in beading thread" and "half hitch knots."

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