Where might I find these metal African animal beads? (Picture of lovely beads included!!)

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on Oct 2, 2012 5:16 PM


Hi all!


Not much of a bead-person but I have this old African necklace my mother wore when she was carrying my brother in her womb, she says the necklace was so heavy it caused her to go into labor. Well anyway I inherited the necklace and one by one the animal beads upon the thing fell off and I am left with six. I don't think there might have been many more but I also kind of think there might have been. Anyway if anyone knows where I could find beads like these...




Now the original necklace looked like this.... (except obviously with the lil animals on it)



Thank you so much, it's very kind of you to help, if anyone does help :)




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Valbeads wrote
on Oct 2, 2012 6:21 PM

Hi, Clare, and wecome!

Gee, that's a toughie.  You might try Etsy or eBay, though I'm inclined to think you might have good luck on Etsy.  Hope this helps!





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