Hi all! Time to learn!!!! :D

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NicholeG wrote
on Sep 15, 2012 8:42 PM

Hello all!  I am new here and anxious to learn!  A friend and I have begun making beaded bracelets, we're kind of addicted at this point!  haha!  I'm not even sure what, what we do is called??  But basically we string the 10mm, etc. beads unto the elastic, with accents, like pave beads or charms? .. So, I have a few "where do I find" questions, if anyone out there is willing to help me out!? :) 

1. Where do I find beads?  Do you have wholesale bead manufacturers that you trust more than others? Any recommendations would eb great!  Thanks! :) 

2. Where do I find info.?  I am a HUGE researcher.  Where can I find the best info. on the beading industry, beading lingo, trends, etc. 

Thank you so much!  Looking forward to learning from the experts! Should be a fun ride!!  :D 

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Valbeads wrote
on Sep 15, 2012 10:49 PM

Hi, and welcome to the crazy house.  You'll fit right in!

What you're doing is called stringing, and a lot of us like to do that.  It's very versatile and relaxing and enjoyable.

To answer your first question, unless you have a tax number and buy in huge bulk, the wholesalers aren't going to be useful.  Most of us here are hobbyists and/or have small businesses on Etsy or Artfire.  Now, if you want a an online bead store that has great selection at really great prices, I, and many of the others here will recommend Fire Mountain Gems.  They've got just about everything you could possibly want, from Swarovski to Czech glass, and pretty much everything in-between.  They have the best prices on Swarovski that I have seen ANYWHERE!  If you're looking for lucite, whether it be beads or flowers then I would suggest you go to either Beadaholique or Lima Beads.  I've been doing business with them for several years now, and Kevin Sly, the owner of Lima, is an absolute dear.  He'll move mountains to find stuff for you!  And one of the really cool features on Lima Beads is their Great Big Bead Machine.  They put several things up at a discounted price, then drop the price every 5 minutes.  But watch out!  It's addictive!

To answer your second question, it depends on what knind of info you're looking for.  The entire Beading Daily site is a wealth of information on all kinds of beading stuff.  There's free downloads, tutorials, and us of course.  If you have a specific question, ask it here and one of us will probably have the answer.

Welcome aboard, and have fun!





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