Difference between Wrap It and Zebra Wire?

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on Sep 11, 2012 6:29 AM

I do many different things with wire from crocheting,  to wire wrapping links, to making rings.  I know which gauges I like to use for the things I make, but I'm not sure of the difference between the wires.  I know I do not want anything to turn a different color later on down the road.  Plus, it needs to be durable.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I just bought a lot of Zebra wire from FMG, and some Wrap it.  I thought I knew what I was buying but now I'm not sure..  Thank you.


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SCB1 wrote
on Sep 11, 2012 8:27 AM

Sorry, I have never used either products. I usually will only use sterling silver, gold filled, or copper. I am not one for using craft wires, I tried in the past, to use a craft wire (different maker) and I just found them in general just too soft.

Hopefully someone will come along that has used these products and are able to give you a fair and honest review on them.

Happy Beading!!

Happy Beading!!


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SEllen 2 wrote
on Sep 11, 2012 11:34 AM


I have used the Zebra wire in the copper. And it worked okay. It did start to darken though over time mostly in spots. I'm thinking this is because the copper colored copper wire is coated and the coating chips thus it darkens.(Didn't realize this until I started working with the red wire)

I've also used the Zebra wire in the red color for a wire weave ring. The color chipped off while I was weaving with it. So, now I'm stuck with partially used spools of useless red wire. And a ring that can't even be given away because of the obvious chipping. I don't even use it anymore because I would get the red flakes on my hands and I don't like having red flakes all over me & my work station.

I haven't used the Wrap It wire. I've been thinking about it but am hesitant.

I'm looking into other sources for wire. I just haven't found one that I'm comfortable with yet.

Now, this is only MY OPINION based only on my experience others may differ in their opinions and that's okay by me.

If you do try the Wrap It wire let me know how you like it.

Good Luck

 sellen Smile

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