Set i made for wife

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blackice1177 wrote
on Jul 15, 2011 2:43 PM

This is the earrings

This is the anklet

This is the necklace

This is the bracelet

Made these as a set for my wife. never realized until they were made had a mild oriental look and fell to them.

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alrogers wrote
on Jul 15, 2011 7:25 PM

I love the colors. The set is very beautiful. I bet your wife loves them.



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KipperCat wrote
on Jul 15, 2011 10:12 PM

very nice design! 

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blackice1177 wrote
on Jul 15, 2011 11:21 PM

thank you to both of you. she does love it very much. sadly i had to link those from a blog picture as my uploading isn't working atm. been working lots of pieces for her. she's loving every one i make. even have a few people at the hospital she works at beginning to be interest in them.


getting ready to start working on her christmas gift as it may take some time and lots of custom beading. cant say what it's going to be in case she peeks at my boards one day while I'm not in here lol

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on Jul 16, 2011 12:16 AM

What a luck lady. I love the necklace

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kareng915 wrote
on Jul 16, 2011 12:52 AM

Great colors together.  I like the pearls in the necklace and bracelet.

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tpfrank wrote
on Jul 16, 2011 5:11 AM

Pretty set I like the colors you used.  Your wife is one lucky lady to have a talented husband to make her jewelry.

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JanineB@7 wrote
on Jul 16, 2011 6:27 AM

Lovely set and your wife certainly must be so excited to have you create her such wonderful jewelry..

You may have found a niche to sell your designs...Hospitals can be a great source of revenue for you....

Thank you for sharing


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blackice1177 wrote
on Jul 16, 2011 6:54 AM

thank you. she loves that set. and yeah if we can make it work it will be great. the ladies at that hospital love buying jewelry.

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on Jul 16, 2011 2:04 PM

Very nice blackice, good luck with your sales!  Love to see your secret project when it's safe to show.


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blackice1177 wrote
on Jul 17, 2011 12:35 AM

ah i will post it when its done. prolly under a hidden name so she cant connect it to me lol

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beadorigami wrote
on Jul 17, 2011 1:37 AM

Neat set! I like the three-strand theme that you used throughout the set; it gives the set a unity even though the beads are varied between all four pieces. 

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appatite wrote
on Jul 20, 2011 2:33 PM

Really lovely, I love the set!

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KristieJ3 wrote
on Jul 21, 2011 11:24 AM

Very pretty, I love the colors you used! I bet your wife loves that she has you to make her all kinds of jewelry!!

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Wolfykwe wrote
on Aug 7, 2011 7:16 AM

Ooh! What a pretty set!!  What a beautiful gift for your wife.  There's absolutely no better gift from a man than one he's taken time and consideration to make.  I know my most treasured gift from my husband was hand made by him.  it's just the kind of thing that tells a woman... "I love you and want to put time and consideration into how I show that to you."  Fantastic job!

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