help w/Kim Ruff bridal necklace

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shopgrrl29 wrote
on Jun 17, 2011 4:12 PM

hello everyone. i've been a beader/jewelry maker on and off for about a year now and i've been commissioned to make jewelry for a friend's wedding this october.

the decided upon style is the aforementioned Bridal Necklace created by Kim Ruff (  i'm ok with the instructions until i hit step 12.

what does she mean by "go up through the base bead?" where do i thread the tail on the left in the attached photo?

if anyone has made this necklace before and is able to shed some light on what i'm doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.



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SCB1 wrote
on Jun 18, 2011 4:21 PM

I don't have the pattern to read through, but I would think when she says go there the base bead, I am looking at the picture in the link you sent, and it looks like she is going in the pearl closest to the pearl you are coming out of, then maybe, you scoot through the next four seeds dark green ones, pearl, and four seed beads and the next pearl. Then add 4 seeds, pearl, 4 seeds go through the pearl closet to you on the next loop. Then through the four seeds though all the core beads till you come to the other side of this loop down through the 4 seeds and pearl, add 4 seeds, pearl, 4 seeds. and repeat the last step. I am not positive, that is how it is done, but that would be how I would do it if I was making this without directions to follow. This is from what I can see on the other picture. If you want you can e-mail me that part of the directions, then maybe I can better help you.

Happy Beading!!


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wmweeza wrote
on Oct 18, 2011 1:53 PM

I made a very bad version of the same necklace and had the same problem so I just winged it and modified the pattern.

Mine turned out AWFUL

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wmweeza wrote
on Oct 18, 2011 1:54 PM

If I recall correctly, the base row is actually the top....but I'm not sure

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