Review of Beaded Beads by Jean Campbell

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Chibabies6 wrote
on Apr 24, 2011 9:30 AM

I have to say I just love this book!! The instructions are very detailed with diagrams and the variations and embellishments are just endless. The designs cover a great variety of styles and if you are a seasoned beader this is a great way to learn new stitches without having to commit to weeks on a single project.

I often find myself working on a project that takes weeks to complete and this is awesome for something you can just sit down and finish for a good break. And these are just sooooo fun!!

I have made 2 pinata beads that are totally different using different sizes and crystals versus seeds. So get this book and just let your imagination run! Definitely worth the money!

Also, I've seen some reviews that fuss about the color choices in the book and while I agree they lack sophistication I'm glad they did it the way they did.  I find it frustrating when choosing colors for a project if I have to try and figure out what color is going to go where in an example photo where it is hard to tell. This book makes it easy because the colors used are bright and contrasty so I can easily know what color is going to be where on my finished pieced. 

Awesome well done book!!

Michelle K.

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