Review of Mastering Beadwork by Carol Huber Cypher

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Chibabies6 wrote
on Apr 23, 2011 10:19 AM

I just love this book. It's one of my ultimate favorites in the beading library.  :)  In addition to being a wonderfully complete resource and project book it's written in a very conversational tone and every time you open the book the authors love for beading and her joy in sharing that passion just jump from the pages.

It has all the standard things you would expect by the title.. Lots of instructions for 13 top stitches including 63 projects along the way.  So certainly a lot to delve into with this book.  The instructions are clearly written with diagrams and color pictures of each finished piece. The projects are varied from jewelry items to card cases, etc.  

The chapters are well laid out with several projects for each stitch. Each stitch is introduced in a page or two letting you know the versatility and common uses of the stitch as well some tips and tricks..  The first project is the more basic with each project building on the one before it.  

There are wonderful little sections throughout each chapter that challenge you to try a little variation of each given design or warn you of a common mistake, etc. Little informative boxes on interesting odds and ends are sprinkled in too..  

The author is a beading class teacher and that really comes through in this book. You are not simply learning to make a bracelet.  Everything in this book is about mastering each stitch. Learning the variations and understanding why the look of each piece changes with varied bead sizes or tension, etc.  

This is a must have book for all those beading enthusiasts who just want to know more and would like to truly master a technique enough to begin creating your own designs.  

I do recommend this book for all levels.  Intermediate to advanced beaders will be thrilled with all the extras and while a true beginner may find it daunting it will save a lot of mistakes along the way and get you off to a solid start.


* I'm copying over my beading book reviews from 'book selling' sites.. Smile

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