Review of Bead Quilling by Kathy King

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Chibabies6 wrote
on Apr 23, 2011 10:06 AM

Ok.. first let me say that I am really loving bead quilling. It's a wonderful little way to add texture and interest to my beadweaving pieces. Perfect for making beautiful elements that stand out in a finished piece.

As for the book.. The technique is not well explained. It shows you how to put together the first 2 sets and that is it. considering this book is about only one technique I expect that to be explained well. The other instructions are adequate for making the designs and the techniques for joining and scrolling the bead quilling is fine.

You will need to use delicas for this. So just know from the start this will not look great with anything else. You need exception uniform beads so delicas. Also I'd recommend Tohos One G thread for you quilling as it's inexpensive, high quality and comes in about a dozen nice colors.

In my opinion many of the designs are just not pretty and I didn't care for the colors used either. The designs do not really how off this technique well. There are several that are gorgeous but also many that are just ugly especially in the beginner section. But again this is a matter of personal taste.

The book is laid out well and it's easy to find what you need whether its a project or just a quick page to find out how to encircle a bead. I've make scrolls and flowers and leaves to use in other pieces picked out of the designs in this book and am very pleased with them.

I probably wont make any of the designs in the book as it as they would use a ton of delicas and most of them I didn't like. (I like 2)

All in all I'm glad I purchased the book as it is the only one on this technique and the technique is just wonderful. A quick and easy way to add something unique and new to beadweaving designs. So yes it is worth the money especially if you can get a deal here on amazon. :-) I would definitely recommend this to those who are looking for something interesting and new to add to their designs.


* I'm copying over my beading book reviews from 'book selling' sites.. Smile

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