Hello from Pennsylvania, USA

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DorrieS wrote
on May 29, 2008 2:33 PM

 Hi all! My name is Dorrie. A beader of 3 years. Have received a lot of e-mails from a different forum's users, telling me to check this out. I received the e-mail from Beading Daily announcing this and finally found the time to check it out. I was busy working my first public selling of my beadwork. This was a success for me and I plan to try more selling venues. I do like the fact that they have a book review here, which the other forum refused to give us. Anyway, I will be checking this out more.



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Orenda wrote
on May 30, 2008 5:44 PM

 Hello from another newbie to the Forum Smile

 Everybody needs a hobby!!

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BettyH@31 wrote
on May 30, 2008 10:23 PM


My name is Betty. What did you do for you first public selling venue. My was a craft fair. Did ok, I did meet a lot of nice people and got so great feed back, from people that had been beading longer then me

I live in Sacramento Ca

Keep on beading

Betty h


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