Prismatic Right Angle Weave (PRAW) illustrations and sample beadwork

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Inspired! That is always how I feel after reading any issue of Beadwork magazine. Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing the Beadwork 2015 digital collection. Wow! What an amazing year of fabulous projects, artists, and beading. Here are just a few highlights of what you will find in the collection. First, let’s discuss the artists of…

Color Theory Course

Color Me Chromatically Challenged

Ever since college, I’ve been a fan of black. No, I never went through a Goth stage, and no, I’m not chronically mopey or depressed. I’m just a bit color-challenged, and I learned early on that black goes with everything and requires very little color coordination. I do have a few favorites on the color…


Steampunk-esque Necklace

This weekend I completed a steampunk-esque necklace that I was making for my sister. The main part of the chain is kumihimo (Japanese braiding) with some antique copper beads. The endcaps for this section are made from vintage watch keys. This is contected by brass chain to a focal made from a lock plate (reproduction…