Most Popular Projects on Beading Daily

New to Beading Daily? Want to see what you've missed? Each month we tally the five most popular free beading projects. Projects are listed in order of popularity--most popular items are listed first. You can also check out the Most Popular Projects of 2007.

April 2008


  1. Rambling Rose Necklace by Michelle Mach
  2. Girl Power Earrings by Michelle Mach
  3. Bohemian Revolutions Bracelet by Jamie Hogsett (limited time download from Beadwork)
  4. Bauble Earrings by Leslie Rogalski
  5. Ladder Rings by Dustin Wedekind

March 2008


  1. V Scallop Necklace by Lisa Kan (limited time preview from Bead Romantique)
  2. Dear to My Heart by Jean Yates
  3. Rachael's Wedding Bracelet by Rebecca Campbell
  4. Plus de Rouge by Merle Berelowitz
  5. Golden Everglades by Danielle Fox (limited time preview from Simply Modern Jewelry)

February 2008


  1. Peyote Stackable Rings by Cathi Tessier
  2. Caribbean Sunset Necklace by Julia Watt
  3. Love Me Tendril by Christi Friesen
  4. Cute Couple Cuffs by Shelley Nybakke
  5. Lovey Dovey Ring by Jamie Hogsett

January 2008


  1. Cute Couple Cuffs by Shelley Nybakke
  2. Hydrangea Earrings by Kelli Burns
  3. Montee Magic Earrings by Katherine Schwartzenberger
  4. Flower Girl Barrette by Michelle Mach
  5. Lilac Love by Debbie Blair