The editorial staff of Stringing carefully reviews each issue of the magazine to ensure that all of the information presented is correct and complete. Occasionally, however, something gets past us and makes it into print. We apologize for any inconvenience these errors may have caused you.

Stringing Summer 2007

Bead Babble (p. 9)
The phone number for Soft Flex Company-creator of Sterling Silver Extreme 925 Flex wire-was listed incorrectly. The correct phone number is (866) 925-3539.

Stringing Fall 2006

Bracelet #17 of Bracelet Bon Temps (page 61) was designed by Cathie Roberts, not Jan Ketza Harris.

The picture next to SaraBeth Cullinan is Sarah Henry.

Burning Bush by Cynthia Thornton (p. 26)

Materials: Only 28" (not 52") of hand-dyed red silk ribbon is needed for the project.

Step 2 should read: Cut the cord into two 12" pieces. Cut the ribbon into two (not four) 12" pieces and two 2" pieces.

Step 3’s first sentence should read: Use one piece of cord and one (not two) piece of ribbon to string one silver rondelle loop.

Stringing Fall 2004

Hot Magma (p. 28)
The materials should call for 10, not 5, rough-cut 20-25mm carnelian chunks.

Royal Amber (p. 51) The materials should call for 18, not 9, oval 15x10mm moonkite beads and 6, not 3, gold vermeil 5mm rondelles

Turquoise Temptress (p. 76) The materials should call for 12, not 6, teal 6mm faceted quartz beads.

Gecko (p. 78) The materials should call for 28, not 20, green 9x12mm vintage Czech pressed-glass leaves and 27, not 26, green 9mm vintage Czech pressed-glass disks.