Expand Your Jewelry Making Skills with Free Beading Patterns and Tutorials

Beading Projects & Patterns

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Wire Wrapping

Whether you are a veteran at making wire jewelry, or simply want some basics on how to make wire jewelry, this free eBook's collection of wire wrapping techniques is one you'll turn to again and again. Discover why wire wrapped jewelry is one of the jewelry making techniques jewelry artists love the most.

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Beaded Embellishment

Beaded embellishments like picots and edgings can be added to fabric, beadwork, or can even be added to embellish larger focal beads like gemstone, glass, ceramic, or polymer clay. Using bead embellishment techniques like bead embroidery, edgings, and picots can turn your found objects into mixed media jewelry projects that you’ll be proud to wear.

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Beaded Rope Patterns

Beaded ropes are the foundation for some of the most beautiful necklaces you can create as a jewelry maker. They're useful for more than just jewelry, though: the ropes make great ornamental flourishes around the home. This tutorial offers five patterns for bracelets and necklaces that you and your friends, family or even customers will love.

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Bead Embroidery Patterns

Bead embroidery allows you to "paint" with your beads on a fabric "canvas" for a look that you just can't get with other beadweaving techniques. You can also easily incorporate found objects, gemstone and handmade cabochons and other components into your bead embroidery projects.

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Chain Maille

Chain maille was used for centuries as battle armor, but these days, chain maille jewelry has become a popular technique for those of us who love to make jewelry. There’s a rhythmic, soothing nature to creating a piece of chain maille jewelry, and it’s easy to lose yourself in the simple repetitions of opening and closing the jump rings as you weave away into the night.

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steampunk jewelry diy tutorial kumihimo tutorial mixed media jewelry tutorial native american jewelry tutorial stringing jewelry tutorial
Steampunk Jewelry Projects

Steampunk jewelry has captured the imagination of jewelry makers for the last few years now, and it's not a trend that we see going away any time soon. If you're interested in exploring the steampunk jewelry craze, download this lesson and begin a beading journey full of surprises.

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Braids have been used for both decorative and functional purposes for centuries, and in Japan, the art of kumihmo braiding has seen a wonderful resurgence in popularity during the last decade. Incorporate this special technique with your beads to create a stunning piece of jewelry!

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Mixed Media Jewelry

These four free mixed media jewelry projects are easy enough for beginners, and will help you discover a love for playing with different jewelry making techniques! Download your free instructions, grab your bead stash and found objects, and start making your own mixed media designs today.

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Native American Beadwork

In this free eBook you will find four free American Indian beadwork projects, along with two bonus articles about the history and necessary tools for traditional beadwork designing. Download the entire collection of 4 beadwork projects plus the bonus guide, grab your stash, and get started beading today!

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Stringing Projects

For many of us, learning how to string beads was the “gateway” that led us to learning about other ways to make beaded jewelry. Straight from the pages of Jewelry Stringing magazine, we’ve selected five of our favorite bead stringing projects, plus as a bonus, included some helpful advice and tips from master jewelry artist Andrew Thornton.

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Beading for Beginners

how to do beading beaded necklace patterns making beaded bracelets beading tool list how to make earrings
How to Bead

Each bead project includes luscious photography and clear step-by-step bead instructions. Even if you're just starting to learn how to string beads, you'll be able to make these beading designs in your favorite colors, and get inspiration to create your own beading ideas.

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Beaded Necklace Patterns

If you love necklace making, this lovely collection of seven bead necklace patterns is a must-have. Feeling up to the challenge? Start one or try all seven of these handmade beaded necklace patterns today and see how addictive necklace making can be.

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Bracelet Making

Ever wondered how to make bracelets? All you need to do is download your copy of the free eBook, pick up your bracelet making supplies, and get started today! These are several of our most popular bracelet patterns.

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Beading Tools

This valuable reference is perfect for anyone just starting out in the world of beading and stringing. To begin, expert Jean Campbell shares essential tips and basic uses of a variety of common jewelry making supplies. Learn the difference between bead thread, silk chord, bead wire, and much more, so you make the perfect material selection for your needs.

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Earring Projects

Beaded earrings are a fun and inexpensive way to add the finishing touch to any outfit. Handmade beaded earrings are perfect for beginners because they don't have to take a lot of time or materials, and great for experienced beaders looking for a quick project.

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How to Design Jewelry

Anyone can learn to assemble jewelry elements to create beaded jewelry, but creating beaded jewelry designs transforms a jewelry maker into a jewelry designer. Explore the world of beaded jewelry design to create beaded jewelry patterns worthy of sharing with your fellow jewelry makers..

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Jewelry Business

The lessons and experience you gain from selling beaded jewelry at jewelry craft shows is priceless, but shows can also be very profitable. You can learn how to sell jewelry at jewelry shows and improve your home-based jewelry business with this free eBook.

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DIY Jewelry Making

We chose six of our favorite jewelry making projects from the pages of Beadwork magazine, each one using a different combination of jewelry making techniques: everything from bead stitching to bead stringing, and even a little bit of mixed media jewelry making thrown in for good measure.

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Bead Crafts

Are you interested in finding new ways to embellish your crafts by learning how to make a beaded coaster, beaded baskets, home décor, and more? Each of these projects comes with intuitive instructions and unique inspiration.

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Wire Jewelry

Are you looking for something pretty to add that finishing touch to your outfit? Whether you want to learn how to make wire jewelry or are already a pro, you're sure to enjoy this collection of six wireworking projects of all types.

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Beading Stitches

Brick stitch patterns chevron stitch necklace herringbone stitch necklace Peyote Stitch beading earrings right-angle weave beaded necklace
Brick Stitch Patterns

Use these seed bead patterns to make handmade beaded jewelry that you'll wear every day. Our expert beading designers from Beading Daily have compiled the best brick stitch patterns with easy to read instructions and detailed diagrams to guarantee you'll love making these brick stitch seed bead projects.

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Chevron Stitch

Chevron stitch is among the most popular ways to use lampwork glass beads for good reason. This tutorial will demonstrate the technique and give you four ways to use the stitch. When you have a little experience behind you, you'll be able to use chevron stitch to make all sorts of things, including home decor and ornaments.

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Herringbone Stitch

Herringbone stitch and all of its wonderful variations can be used for just about any beading project you have in mind.This stitch is instantly recognizable from the distinctive "v" pattern formed by the beads and thread path.

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Peyote Stitch Patterns

Our expert designers have compiled the best peyote stitch patterns with easy to read instructions and detailed diagrams to guarantee success in creating these beautiful peyote stitch projects. These top-quality peyote stitch designs from Beading Daily are sure to inspire your creative spirit.

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Right-angle Weave

If you're just learning the basics of right-angle weave or if you're looking for new ways to use this favorite bead-weaving stitch, there's no shortage of ideas out there. Round beads, bicones, and seed beads all come together in a snap when you stitch them with this handy stitch.

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Bead crochet patterns bead weaving patterns bead netting diy    
Bead Crochet

In bead crochet, the beads are strung on your yarn or fiber before starting to crochet. Bead crochet ropes are soft and supple, and can be used either on their own with some fancy cones or end caps or with your favorite handmade art glass and ceramic beads. A basic knowledge of crochet is very helpful in understanding abbreviations and patterns.

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Bead Weaving

If you love beads and would like to learn 5 stunning bead-weaving patterns, then you'll want to download this free ebook today! You'll learn the double twist, cubed diamond, stripes, peyote stitch, and how to weave beads into a tangled vine.

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Bead Netting

Bead netting has long been a favorite of beaders everywhere to create beaded amulet bags (remember those?) and is ideal for stitching beaded broad collars. The open, lacy look of this off-loom beading stitch can be used for any type of beaded jewelry.

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Types of Beads

crystal beading patterns seed beading patterns bead making handmade beads gemstones for beading using glass beads
Crystal Bead Projects

The many types of crystals come in nearly every color and size, which makes them one of most beautiful and fun materials to work with. Dive into these 5 free crystal beading projects to learn the foundations for one of the essential stitches: Right-Angle Weave.

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Seed Bead Patterns

Expand your knowledge on the beadwork essentials, like the peyote and brick stitches. Show off your creative abilities when using up to four techniques to create one beaded necklace. Now is your chance to learn a variety of seed bead designs, just download these free beaded patterns.

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Bead Making

If you love making and using handmade beads, then this lovely collection of five handmade bead projects plus bonus guide to buying handmade beads is a must-have. Learn the ins and outs of buying handmade beads, then dive into a bead-making tutorial for some serious project inspiration.

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Gemstone Beads for Jewelry Making

To celebrate the wonderful power of gemstones, we've created this collection of gemstone jewelry designs and a special guide to using gemstones. Besides their natural beauty, natural gemstones are prized for their "mystic" powers. Each has a unique meaning and will help bring anything from wealth to health, and good luck to empowerment to the wearer.

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Glass Beads

Dive into your bead stash and dig up those lovely handmade glass lampwork beads that you've been hoarding! Lampwork beads can be created in any shape or color imaginable, and today's lampwork glass bead artists are always coming up with beautiful and innovative new designs for our handmade jewelry and beading projects.

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Pearl Jewelry

Who can resist the amazing beauty of pearls and pearl jewelry designs? For centuries, pearl beads were reserved only for royalty. Today, pearls have captured the imagination of handmade jewelry designers everywhere - whether making a simple and classic strand of knotted pearl beads or an intricate pearl necklace design.

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