Silky Sensation by Lucy Arnold (page 16)
For Step 9: string the 5 beads referenced, then pass DOWN through the A that's sticking out from the previous circle you made (a "unit"). Continue weaving through the B you added in this unit, the nearest A from Row 1, and up through the first B/A you added to this unit. String 1B/1A/1B/1A/1B; pass through the next top A of Row 1. String 1B; pass UP through the nearest A of the previous unit. Weave through all the beads you added in this unit. 

To continue across the row, alternate repeating Steps 8 and 9 with the steps just given above. 

Back to Byzantium by Jennifer VanBenschoten (page 66)
Under Materials, the sixth material listed should be "40 Bali silver 4 x 1 mm [not 2.5 mm as originally stated] daisy spacers."