Chevron Stitch the Right Way with 4 Free Beading Patterns

Chevron stitch beading is quickly becoming a favorite off-loom, bead-weaving stitch among those who love right-angle weave and netting. This easy-to-learn beading stitch can be used to create a whole range of beaded objects including home décor, sculptural objects and vessels, and of course, beaded jewelry. Beaded chevron chain can be stitched using a variety of beads: seed beads, small round glass beads, pearls, and crystals all lend themselves to this traditional off-loom bead-weaving stitch.

The open-work look of chevron chain also creates a wonderful base for adding fringe and other beaded embellishments. With its origins in traditional African beadwork techniques, chevron stitch has been adapted for modern jewelry-making projects throughout the world. Whether you stitch it flat like a chain, tubular for a rope, or circular for a bezel, you’ll find that chevron stitch beading opens up a whole world of possibilities for creating your own beaded jewelry designs.

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Learn how to do the chevron stitch the right way in beading with Beading Daily.
Learn how to do the chevron stitch the right way in beading with Beading Daily.

Learn how to do chevron stitch beading the simple way.

Working up to create these 4 FREE chevron stitch beading patterns will give you experience in working with several different variations of chevron stitch. Learn how to create a flat chevron chain necklace, embellish a flat necklace with fringe and other beaded embellishments, how to work circular chevron stitch for use as a bezel, and how to create chevron stitch using beads like pearls and crystals.

Each variation has many uses, and there’s a lot to learn in each of them! Which one will be your favorite? Start beading these four free chevron stitch beading patterns, and discover for yourself why so many beaders love chevron chain!

Create this one-of-a-kind flat chain necklace using the chevron stitch with a free guide from Beading Daily.

Flat-Chain Necklace

This beautiful chevron stitch necklace uses a flat chain for the base, creating a lacy, Victorian look by including metallic beads, pearls, and crystals. A little bit of beaded embellishment on top and bottom and a spectacular brass filigree pendant with an embellished pearl combine for a classic chevron stitch necklace that you can wear anywhere.

Create these DIY chevron chain earrings with this free guide from Beading Daily.

Chevron Chain Earrings

Coming from a master bead artist who has chosen chevron chain as her preferred beading stitch, these graceful beaded earrings use circular chevron chain to form a bezel that holds a crystal chaton. These beaded earring components also work well when used to embellish beaded bracelets, collars, or use them as components to embellish bead embroidery!

Create this netted fringe necklace the simple way using the chevron stitch in this exclusive, free eBook from Beading Daily.

Netted Fringe Necklace

This playful beaded chevron stitch pattern is embellished with netted fringe, crystals, and pressed glass leaves. A simple button-and-loop closure holds this beaded necklace securely. A fun exercise in combining chevron stitch with right-angle weave, there are many ways you can customize this chevron stitch beading project using your favorite beads – or just the beads you happen to have in your stash right now.

With this free crystal, glass and seed bead pattern, you'll create this beautiful chevron chain lariat in this exclusive, free eBook from Beading Daily.

Crystal, Glass & Seed Bead Lariat

Chevron chain, St. Petersburg chain, fringe, and peyote stitch get thee royal treatment in this creative beaded lariat project. Seed beads, glass beads, pearls, and crystal bicones are all used in this chevron stitch pattern that’s fit for a queen and will make you feel like a princess. The beaded fringe adds the perfect finishing touch to this variation on the classic beaded necklace that you can dress up or dress down for any occasion.

Bead detailed needlework like never before with chevron stitch beading!

This free eBook contains easy-to-follow beading instructions that will guide you through the process of making these stunning beading designs.