Pantone's Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report

Sep 11, 2013

New York Fashion Week is in full swing! As much as I enjoy seeing the latest from the fashion industry's greatest, my favorite part of this biannual event is always the seasonal palette that the Pantone Color Institute puts out in conjunction with the debut of the designers' latest couture lines.

This year, "designers take a modern twist on the pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, designers use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom."

The colors that make up the 2014 Pantone Spring Fashion Color Report are:

Read the full report and see the rest of the stunning designs here.

Do you have a favorite?



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ctutt wrote
on Sep 14, 2013 10:46 PM

It is always fun to look at new color combinations and play them off each other. However I seldom use fashion colors when making wearable art, for two reasons. One is that I use wood, metal, shells, bones, teeth and assorted found objects in the pieces I create, which dictate their own 'color scheme.' The second reason is, I don't find it productive to base a jewelry project on arbitrary shades and hues, selected by the 'fashion biz,'  which may be deemed outré in another eight or ten months. I look to nature for color hints and tips, and She hasn't steered me wrong yet. Just Sayin'…

on Sep 15, 2013 10:36 AM

I like to keep up with the current fashion trend and do incorporate it into my jewelry designs.  Thanks for including this report.

Valbeads wrote
on Sep 15, 2013 9:36 PM

I like some of the new colors and frequently will work them into my jewelry as I work primarily with semiprecious stones, glass and crystal.  The Cayenne is a great color(it's a vibrant paprika-type red) which will suit my porcelain complexion just fine, and the Hemlock is terrific.  It reminds me of my green aventurine stones.  I must say, the Freesia is rather a letdown, though, because when I think of freesia, I think of a vibrant purple, or a creamy white.  What they are calling freesia looks more like the FORSYTHIA flower to me.  Oh, well.  I do, however like to mix the new colors with previous colors, such as this year's color of the year, Emerald, and last year's, Tangerine Tango.  No reason you can't mix up previous years' palates with this year's, right?

on Sep 16, 2013 12:56 PM

Freezia makes my heart beat faster. It is so uplifting.  Also, Dazzling Blue is enriching.  Actually, all the colors a wonderful.  I do like to use fashionable colors as accents and bases for my beadwork; but I always come back to favorites which can be represented by Freezia and Dazzling Blue.