Jewelry for Dad

Jun 14, 2013

Father's Day is just a few short days away! Before you go out to buy your old man yet another necktie, consider giving him a piece of tasteful handmade jewelry instead. And if he balks at the idea of wearing jewelry, you might want to remind him that there are plenty of guys out there who pull it off quite nicely...

When it comes to designing jewelry for men, less is definitely more. Stick to minimal color palettes, matte materials, and simple techniques. I've rounded up a handful of materials that would lend themselves to masculine designs:

Add a clasp to a length of this flat braided cord from Leather Cord USA for a nicely textured bracelet. 
String a few of these sterling steel rounds with a matte black finish (Sterling Steel Ball) to the center of a piece of leather cord or chain to make a simple necklace.
These lava rock rounds from Happy Mango Beads are made from natural lava rock, giving them a slightly rough surface and a light weight. 
Another natural bead, these wooden rounds are made out of finished palmwood and are sold by the strand at Beads and Pieces.
Ball chain is the perfect way to turn a pendant or bead into a great gift for your guy. Easily customizable in length, ball chain comes in any metallic finish and in many different sizes. This antique brass finish is available through Ornamentea.

Happy (Father's Day) Weekend!


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Susan Handy wrote
on Jun 22, 2013 8:29 AM

Didn't appreciate the phrase "your old man"...rather harsh...esp. as an address on Father's Day when one should be showing appreciation & respect

ctutt wrote
on Jun 22, 2013 8:54 AM

Well, with all due respect, 'old man' is better than 'old fart' which is how the elder males in our family get addressed!!! In this case I think we can all assume that the term was meant in affection, and meant no loss of respect. Peace, out ~~~

April Stone wrote
on Jun 22, 2013 10:11 AM

If I may add a spin on all that from the generation who coined that term,; it is a term of endearment, and is spelled 'ole rather than 'old" . The term was used to refer to your father or boyfriend and was considered HIP talk as in Sammy Davis talk...and in no way meant someone was old. A father past 40 would understand what you meant .  To ctuff my uncle had a cap that said "old fart". Lol.  Nice article all n all.