Global Etsy Craft Party

May 24, 2013

Etsy has become a wonderful way for crafters to come together digitally, and now they are using the power of their expansive online network to bring people together at their annual Craft Party. Every year, Etsy designates a specific date and theme for their global Craft Party and invites crafters all over the world to participate by convening with other creators in their area and getting crafty together! This year's Craft Party will be on Thursday, June 20th, and will be focused around the theme, "Craft for Community". Makers will be coming together worldwide to share their skill sets with their fellow crafters, and combining their creative powers to make their hometowns even better. Check out the event list to see if there is a Craft Party scheduled near you. If there isn't--you can still organize one!

If you do attend a local Craft Party, snap pictures of the event and post them on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #craftparty, or upload them to the Etsy Craft Party Flickr group.

I just registered for my local Craft Party--it was super easy, and free. Your turn!

Happy (long!) weekend!



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tcwhit wrote
on May 24, 2013 6:51 AM

Seriously, I looked this up. Thought it would be a great way to meet local beaders, since we don't have a bead society or anything here. Only one local and is talking all about kids and teaching them crafts that are kind to the envirnment, and at  midmorning on a weekday?? Love kids, I do. But I sure can't imagine a 'fun' day worrying about them being all over my supplies and I'm certainly not going to take a day off of work to deal with it. I think maybe a childrens earth day is more along the lines of what this local organizer is thinking. Guess Ill be sitting this one out.