What's Your Earring Style?

Apr 29, 2013

While warmer weather means it's time to bear your arms and break out the bracelet collection, earrings are a fun accessory during any season! In case you're in the mood to whip up a new pair or two, I've gathered a few varied designs from the Interweave pattern collection. Download complete instructions now--most are just $2.80 this week at InterweaveStore.com.

Lime Soda earrings

If your style is Casual/Fun:

Topsy-Turvy earrings

Sizzlers earrings

Motion earrings

If you prefer Dressy/Classic:

Monet's Flowers earrings

Easy Elegance earrings

Plucky Feather earrings

If you like Statement/Bold:

Turquoise Teardrop earrings

Crystalline earrings

Whatever your style, I hope you are inspired to freshen up your wardrobe this time of year with a new pair of earrings!

Happy Beading,


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Featured Products

Lime Soda Earrings

Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00


Looking for a way to celebrate your favorite beads? These easy-to-make earrings are the perfect inspiration!


Topsy-Turvy Earrings

Availability: In Stock
Price: $4.00


Grab your favorite Lucite flowers and create a pair of fun dangly earrings!


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