Avant Garde Jewelry

Apr 20, 2012

When do you think the Bravo television network is going to create a reality show about jewelry making? After all, they have shows about pretty much everything else!  (Potential show names: Project Bead Stash...Inside the Beader's Studio...America's Next Top Beader...any other suggestions?) There are talented designers out there creating avant garde pieces of art jewelry that are on par with the couture clothing that struts down the runway in every episode of Project Runway. Take a look...

Artist Kathleen Nowak Tucci created these pieces entirely out of recycled rubber. See more of her work here.


And check out this chic bottle cap necklace from Kotik Design.

Or how about these unconventional jewelry pieces from designer Sandee Shin?

Soulakee's paper jewelry is both fragile and fierce.


The materials used to make this Frank Ideas ruffle necklace? Folded PVC with cloth backing!

Gutsy art jewelry like the pieces that you see here are a wonderful reminder that there is no limit to how creative jewelry making can be!


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on Apr 28, 2012 8:28 PM

The show is called Project Accessory and it aired last year :)