Unique Earring Displays

Apr 1, 2012

It should come as no surprise that I am running out of room to display my ever-growing earring collection. Working on a jewelry magazine has inspired me to make so many pairs that, once again, I am in need of some new storage.

I sat down the other day to peruse the possibilities online, and found some really clever solutions!

This stand from Anthropoligie features a glass dome, which turns your jewelry into a beautiful display.

OutStandingStands on Etsy sells these stands made from a flower pot and a lamp base!

The Jewelry Tree's stands are carefully crafted by metal artist Tim Herbst.

QuirkyCreatures's shop on Etsy features these fun and funky stands made from old kitchen graters!

In my book, nothing beats the elegance of Pottery Barn's sculptural metal tree.

I love the shabby chic look of this frame with plastic mesh and vintage lace in JoyousWorld's Etsy shop.

Instructions for this simple photo frame with screen-door mesh can be found in the Fall 2009 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine.

While I find these Etsy artists to be quite clever in making use of so many upcycled/repurposed goods, surface space is hard to come by in my room, so I'll have to stick with something that I can hang on the wall for now. I think I'll whip up a photo-frame display like the one shown above. All it takes is an old frame, some scrapbook paper or fabric, and a trip to the home improvement store!

Happy crafting!

Debbie Blair

Managing Editor

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ravenspirit wrote
on Apr 2, 2012 6:27 AM

I use a set of slated closed doors that are repainted, hook earings slide right over the slats and hang nicely, for necklaces a placed small hooks on the doors to hold then, works great and can double as a room divider.

easy to find at your local restore/habitat for humanity style stores.

I have a smaller versio in my bedroom thats a slat window shutter.

Just be sure to have it so the slats go upwards.....

callyross wrote
on Apr 2, 2012 12:14 PM

I like the stand from Anthro, especially the glass cover, because it keeps dust off and perhaps slows tarnishing?

and it is classy looking.

as for the cheese grater, i'm gonna keep an eye out for them at thrift stores from now on! spray painted and a good gift!

kernowfilia wrote
on Apr 3, 2012 3:25 PM

Love the cheese grater one - I've got about 3 old ones that I don't use but dont like to throw away.  Now I know what to do with them!

kirby2468 wrote
on Apr 7, 2012 8:51 AM

I made one from a lamp and a small wire mesh trash can.  Turned the trash can upside down and screwed it on like a lampshade.  Amazing how many pair can be hung on it.  Trash can cost $1.00 and the lamp was an extra unused one.

Bonnie@138 wrote
on Apr 7, 2012 8:52 AM

I love the idea of the glass cover to keep dust out as well, and I bet if you add the strips of the 3m anti tarnish strips, that will keep the silver bright.  Thanks for sharing.

lohmalinda wrote
on Apr 7, 2012 12:50 PM

I have a 36inch wire outline of a dress hanging on my wall.  Multiple holes for earrings and I can loop necklaces through it also.  Hobby Lobby had a mannequin wire one that sat on the floor.  Much larger and more costly but would have been great for someone that sells stuff.  

on Apr 7, 2012 4:38 PM

For my non sterling earrings I use a dog or baby stop. It expands in the doorway and stops little ones from entering. I put picture framing sawtooth hangers on the back and hung it on the back of my door. I have about 200 earring pairs on it now & lots of room for more. It expands so there's lots more room to grow.

on Apr 8, 2012 3:08 AM

Years ago I saw someone selling earrings displayed on a fireplace screen at a flea market.  I kept returning to that flea market until I found a sturdy screen to use.  I covered mine with felt so I have to pin the earrings, etc. on because the screen holes are covered.  A friend made me a wooden base to hold the screen and finish off the bottom.  I use it when I sell my jewelry.  Started with all black felt but some beads don't show up well so I changed part of it to white to show off the colors of fire polished crystals.