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Mar 9, 2012

The latest handmade jewelry craze? Hardware jewelry! Nuts and washers abound in the latest posts on DIY craft blogs and online creative communities. Eager to get my hands on some hardware to play with, I headed to my local home improvement store last weekend and picked up some goodies... 

Above (from left to right): solid brass 3/8 inch nuts from McGuckin Hardware, silk ribbon available at Artbeads.com, polyester ribbons from Michaels, assorted chain maille jump rings from Michaels, flat size #10S brass washers from Home Depot, denim and tan braided ribbon from Ornamentea, and multi-purpose cabled-cotton twine from McGuckin Hardware

My design plans are still in the development stages, but you can see a couple different ideas I have been playing with in the above picture. Can't wait to start playing with these! 

Following are some of the hardware jewelry projects I am itching to try (click through to see full posts/tutorials for each):

The first three are from Honestly...WTF (she has a ton of other great DIY projects, too!)
DIY Gretchen Jones Necklace
(made using brass rings and pink mason's line)
DIY Rope Bracelet
(utility cord and a brass S hook)
DIY Box Braid Necklace
(micro-fiber faux suede and brass washers)
Don't Buy, DIY: Hardware Necklace from Chic Steals
(ribbon, nuts, and couplings)
Hardware Store Necklace from Made By Lex
(painted washers, chain, and wire)

 Have you experimented with hardware jewelry yet? Share your tips and tricks!

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KathyK1999 wrote
on Mar 9, 2012 11:46 AM

Check out the book "Hardwear:  Jewelry from a Toolbox" by Hannah Rogge.  I've made one of the necklaces from the book and have a couple other projects on my "to do" list.


Lynda C2 wrote
on Mar 17, 2012 12:36 PM

Love the hardware store. They have very inexpensive 18 and 20 gauge copper wire, brass washers, copper tubing for less than a dollar a foot.  Harbor Freight has a box of 80 copper washers for about ten bucks.  All fun to play with.  Forging, texturing, flame patination.

For a look at what I've learn about these materials...take a look at my blog site. Click on the word 'copper' in the tag cloud.

Fresh Baked Designs     at           freshbakeddesigns.wordpress.com

Love to hear from others about their work in this area too.


BirdieRoad wrote
on Mar 17, 2012 9:18 PM

I just made a "World's Best Daddy" necklace out of a stainless steel washer, and soldered on a copper bail and a copper stamped swirl design. It turned out great! Will def be making more!

on Mar 20, 2012 5:00 PM

Thanks for the tips, everyone! And BirdieRoad--what a great idea...I'm adding it to my list of DIY Christmas gifts!

- Chloe

on Jun 12, 2012 12:06 PM

No crimping pliers, no wire cutters...no problem ! I ran into a dilemma last week as I was preparing