Even-Count Peyote Stitch

Feb 23, 2009
Free Even Count Peyote Stitch Video


String an even number of beads; these make up the first 2 rows. Six beads are shown here.  Tip: Run a long needle through every other bead and make the “in” and “out” beads easy to identify. String bead 7, skip bead 6, pass through bead 5. Bead 7 sits directly over bead 6. String bead 8, skip bead 4, pass through bead 3. Bead 8 sits over bead 4. String bead 9, skip bead 2, pass through bead 1. Pick up bead 10, skip bead 1, pass through bead 9. When you reach the end of the row, just string another bead and work back in the opposite direction, as you did in Step 2 with bead 7. In each stitch, the newly strung bead is positioned between “out” beads from the previously stitched row. Remove the helper needle after several rows.

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