It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't On a String - Try This Free Bead Stringing Project

May 26, 2014

As I was going through my bead stash recently, I came across my enormous hoard of Lucite flower beads, and decided that it was time for me to stop hoarding and start using these little beauties. I love their soft, delicate colors, and the way they tone down the flash of crystal bicones and pearls. Tucked into the bottom of one of my drawers of Lucite flowers was a single strand of shell pearl beads in a rich gold color that just seemed to pull it all together! A few wrapped loops and a little bead stringing, and I had a fun, feminine necklace to wear for the rest of the season!

If you love Lucite, try this free bead stringing project, mixing up the colors and accent beads to suit your own unique taste. Enjoy!


  • 1 package Lucite mix beads from The Hole Bead Shoppe (or 20-30 small Lucite flower and leaf beads)
  • 30 3mm cream Swarovski pearl round beads
  • 45 12mm golden shell pearls (Lima Beads)
  • 8 4mm pink Swarovski round beads
  • 16 2.5mm sterling silver round beads
  • 20-30 assorted crystal bicones, rounds, and pearls (accent beads)
  • 22 headpins, sterling silver, 22 gauge, 2"
  • 2 2x2mm crimp beads
  • 24" fine bead stringing wire
  • Clasp of your choice


  • Crimping pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • Round nose and chain nose pliers, OR
  • Combination pliers (for making wrapped loops)

Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Create 20 - 22 headpin dangles. On a headpin, string a combination of 1 accent bead and 2 (or more) Lucite flowers and leaves. End by stringing 1 3mm pearl.

Make a 90 degree bend in the wire so that it goes straight up the back of your Lucite flowers and leaves. Make a wrapped loop using your pliers, and set aside.

Create at least 20 of these Lucite flower dangles. (I used two extra large hand painted Lucite flower cones to balance out my design.)

Step 2: Stringing the necklace. String 1 crimp bead and one half of the clasp on your beading wire. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp bead, leaving a 1-2" tail, and crimp.

String 1 12mm golden shell pearl, 1 2.5mm silver bead, 1 4mm crystal round, 1 2.5mm silver bead. *String 3 12mm shell pearls, 1 2.5mm silver bead, 1 4mm crystal round, 1 2.5mm silver bead. Repeat from * 3 times, ending with 3 12mm shell pearls.

String 1 3mm crystal pearl, 1 12mm shell pearl, and 1 dangle. String 1 12mm shell pearl, 1 3mm crystal pearl, 1 12mm shell pearl, and 1 3mm crystal pearl.

String 2 Lucite flower dangles, 1 3mm crystal pearl, 1 12mm shell pearl. Repeat until you have used up all but one of your Lucite flower dangles.

String 1 3mm crystal pearl, 1 12mm shell pearl, the last Lucite flower dangle, 1 12mm shell pearl, 1 3mm crystal pearl, and 3 12mm shell pearls.

*String 1 2.5mm silver bead, 1 4mm crystal round, 1 2.5mm silver bead, and 3 12mm shell pearls. Repeat from * three times.

String 1 12mm shell pearl, 1 crimp bead, and pass the beading wire through the other half of your clasp. Pass the beading wire back through the crimp bead and the last 12mm shell pearl strung, pull tightly to remove any gaps in the beads on the beading wire, and crimp. Trim the excess beading wire from both sides of the necklace.

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Bead Happy,


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Valbeads wrote
on Jun 1, 2014 1:14 PM

Jennifer, this is wonderful!  I adore the Lucite flowers; they're so delicate and translucent and lovely.  I purchased a large box of Laliberi a year or so ago(I guess they aren't making them any longer :() and both Beadaholique and MK Jewelry have a delightful selection of Lucite.  Thanks for inspiring me to make something a bit more "girlie" for myself for the summer!